Sunday, April 22, 2007

Rosalind Gardner

Rosalind Gardner has been there and done that in the field of Affiliate Marketing.
If you really want to learn how to excel in this field, there are none better to look to....


Alex said...

Hi, Added a new value add to my blog this weekend - a news widget from I always wanted to show latest news for my keywords in my sidebar. It was very easy with this widget. Just a small copy paste and it was done. Great indeed.

barney1942 said...

I am 65 and recently retired, people keep telling me I need a Medicare supplement plan, a drug plan, and something called a long term care plan. I read your blog and you seem to know a lot about these types of policies and other investments. I am confused and not sure what I need to do, please leave a comment on my blog if you think you may be able to help or lead me in the right direction.