Sunday, March 30, 2008

TaggZilla Traffic Blog

TagZilla Traffic Blog

This is from WidgetBox.

Thought my readers might enjoy a little more on web 2.0
traffic generation techniques. Will continue to post
whatever I come across in this arena...

Floyd Bogart

Great Tool - Turn Your Blog Into a Widget - A Blidget

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Great Tool - Turn Your Blog Into a Widget - A Blidget

I came across this while looking for a better Twitter widget.

This is a great too that will turn your blog into a widget,
or as they call it, a Blidget. Grab one, as if nothing else
it is one more place to have your Blog's feed published...

There are all the usual options when you set yours up,
so it doesn't have to look like everybody elses.

Get yours at WidgetBox:

Friday, March 28, 2008

Squidoo and Twitter - What a Combo

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Squidoo and Twitter - What a Combo

After watching the video in my last post, I promised that I would be
launching my own campaign using this method the following day.

Here are the immediate results:

I pored over my PLR materials and decided to do a Squidoo Lens in
the Travel niche. Here it is:

Travelling in Canada

This was pretty simple to put together in spite of the size of the lens.
I just cut and pasted each article into it's own module, and then searched
Google Images for an appropriate jpeg to post with it. Then I put up 4 posts
to my Travel Blog here:

Floyd's Travel

Then I spaced out three modules throughout the lens with
RSS Feeds to these blog posts. Now to supply Traffic!

I went to Twitter
and put up a new profile here:

Traveling Man

Now I "Twittered" the absolutely simplest
post pointing to my Squidoo Lens.
You can see it at my Twitter Profile.

Then I just searched the Twitter Profiles for the keyword Travel
and got back 66 pages of matching profiles. At 20 profiles/page
that translates to around 1,300 profiles with something about
travel in their text.

Not having bought the software from the page in Willie Crawford's
email, I had to manually push the "Follow" button for each profile.
To be honest I only got to about page 30 before calling it quits for
the night.

Twelve hours later, having only Twitted the Lens once, I had gotten
over 30 visits to the Squidoo Lens. I immediately finished off the rest
of the 66 pages of profiles, and then Twitted the Travel Blog as well.

Both are continuing to get steady traffic, and I still
only have the two posts at Twitter on that profile...

I will definitely continue to do more Twitting of the Lens
and the Blog as well, seeing as the initial results were so good.

More on this later!

Floyd Bogart

Learn The Secrets Of Squidoo!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

MicroBlogging ?! What A Concept... Plus a Little Something Extra

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MicroBlogging ?! What A Concept...
Plus a Little Something Extra

Today I got an email from Willie Crawford (always a welcome event)
with a video so full of valuable content that I just had to share
it. I even left Willie's affiliate link in place at the bottom so
that you can get the discount he is offering.

Frankly, the info is phenomenal even without the
product offered so watch the video and learn!

Click Here to see the Video.

Great stuff isn't it?!

If you can't create traffic with these methods, then you just
aren't really using these methods! The automation software
offered would definitely kick it into overdrive, but very respectable
results can be achieved without it. I plan to kick off this type of
campaign tomorrow AM, first thing. I have about 3 or 4 niches
all picked out...

The Little Something Extra:

When you clicked on the link above to see the video,
you should have noted a couple of things:

First that the link took you to a url that looked like this:

And not to what that link originally looked like:

Most people are less put off by shorter, less "Affiliate" looking links.
Also it is good for the link to look like it originated with you, or at least
like you are in a JV with the originator.

Heck, it just looks a bit more professional.
Admittedly, Willie's link wasn't too bad, just a bit too long...

The next thing you may have noted was that the page had a very thin
ad ribbon across the top. This ad is viral, and totally free to implement,
as is the ability to cloak your links to look more professional, and less

Here is all it takes:

First Click Here to get Russell Brunson's LinkBrander, at no charge.

In the backroom you can turn those long affiliate links into shortened
"LinkBrander" urls. That is already a step in the right direction, but
let's take it one step further:

Now go and use my HTML Cloaker, totally free of charge, and not even in
a backroom: Click Here to use it Free as often as you like!

Input your "LinkBrander" url in the field for Your Target Web Address,
and give it an appropriate title and push the button. That will generate
a little bit of code that you can put in a text document like NotePad, and
then save as a .html file. Now upload it too you WebHost, and there you
have it!

It's short, it looks like you own it, any affiliate links are cloaked and best
of all everytime someone looks at it, you are earning more traffic to the ads
you set up in your LinkBrander backroom.

You can make the whole thing even more viral by promoting LinkBrander
through Russell's Second Tier Affiliate Program.

Little things like this make your whole approach look more seamless to
whoever is reading your webpage. Professionalism is something that is
mostly noticed when it is lacking, and frankly a few little things like these
can make a huge difference in conversion rates.

Try it!

I'm sure you'll like the results...

Floyd Bogart

Monday, March 24, 2008

What Web 2.0 Really Means...

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What Web 2.0 Really Means...

Call me slow, but it has finally hit me that amid all the
hoopla about Web 2.o; Social Bookmarking, Blogging,
and Networking sites like MySpace and Facebook that
it's all really about one thing:


Yeah, I know... Pretty obvious isn't it?

The only real way to benefit from the shift in emphasis that
encompasses what is known as Web 2.0 is to be integrally
involved in your market's online community. Through Social
Bookmarking of relevant sites, writing articles on pertinent
subjects, involvement in relevant forums, networking on Facebook
and yes... Blogging!

These are the ways that we will all gain influence, readers - and
thus traffic and thus revenue streams, and thus sales as well.

Nothing else will do!

I have fought this without realizing it for way too long, becoming
like Homer Simpson sitting in front of his computer and saying:

"Okay, send me money!"

None of this is to say that there is no need for marketing tools,
and there is no shortage of quality products available to overcome
the obstacles that anyone seeking to make a living online face.
None of them will alleviate the need for each of us to roll up our
sleeves, wade in and get involved in whatever niches we choose to
market to.

Frankly, I'm kind of relieved and for the first time in a while am
not at a loss as to how to start each day:

Just wade in...

Floyd Bogart