Saturday, October 28, 2006

Blog Blog and Blog Some More!

In spite of what some doomsayers are stating about the current Blogging environment, there are still significant numbers of people making high incomes from this very lucrative method. Not without the proper tools though!

If you are new to Blogging, then you need a basic primer. In my opinion there is no better introduction to Blogging than Rob Benwell's Blogging To The Bank!

This product has what the beginner needs, as well as a lot that Intermediate Bloggers will benefit from. On the other hand the Advanced Blogger need not purchase this product.
But again, Click Here! if you are unfamiliar with the product. You will be glad you did.

Advanced Tools:

The following tools are of indisputed value to anyone trying to make their living in the Blogosphere. I will not spend a lot of time reviewing them for you as these are the pre-eminent products in the field and need no introduction from me.

Let's start with VooDoo Blogger . This is one powerful piece of software:

Download the Demo Version now at zero Charge:

Click Here

As Promised:

Have you ever been in a position where you just needed to ping some sites and pages, only to find that there was no software available to allow it?
Think about this.... You go to a blog that is owned by someone else, and that blog has a high pagerank, so you know that you are going to get some serious juice because you posted there.
Now, you make your post, but you don't have any way to let the various engines know that you were there, so how will they know to come and check it out?
Well, you could just wait.... Days, weeks, and sometimes months for the spiders to get around to finding that blog page that you posted on. OR, you could simply ping that blog yourself and get those spiders there immediately!

PingSlinger is the answer! And there is absolutely no cost for you to get this powerful software. But:

Let's take it a step further.... You just created a ton of blogs using VooDooBlogger, and you just made a ton of posts to other peoples blogs using WordPressBlogger... You definitely want to get the spiders to all of your own blogs, as well as to all of those other peoples blogs as quickly as possible.
Lets face it, creating blogs is a great way to get backlinks, and posting on other peoples blogs is a powerful way to get backlinks, and backlinks determine where you will ultimately be placed in the search engines... BUT until you have spiders crawling all over the place finding those fresh backlinks of yours, they mean nothing.
The PingSlinger will fully automate this task for you.... Very fast, very easy, very effective.
Imagine... Load a list of urls that you have posted your backlinks in..... Click a button... Know with 100% confidence that within a few minutes you will have spiders in a frenzy cataloging all of those brand new backlinks that you have published!

I am only aware of three software programs that put this raw power in your hands...
One of them costs $297 ... And isn't in the least bit reliable.

One of them is free... But it is so slow that you could have grandchildren before it actually finishes pinging even a standard list of a couple of hundred urls.

One of them is PingSlinger... And is the most powerful tool of it's type on the Net!
Want an example of the power of this software?

I can take a site that has been registered only minutes ago and then spend 20 minutes using VooDooBlogger to create blogs and backlinks to support the newly registered domain... Then run the PingSlinger.
Usually, in less than 43 minutes of registering the new domain, I will have a herd of spiders crawling the site... And within 48 hours, that brand new site (with or without any content of it's own) will be listed in every single search engine... Including Google. -- Impressive to say the least! --

Now, as the owner was considering what to charge to make this powerful tool available to other marketers who MUST get their sites spidered, indexed and listed in the search engines as quickly as possible, he began to research...

What was found almost knocked him out! There is an entire niche industry out there where an internet newbie (someone new to the internet and marketing) pays you to get their site spidered, indexed and listed quickly.

Astounding! .... These people are paying up to $200 for a guarantee of getting their site spidered, indexed and listed in 7 days (WOW).... He also found them as low as $19.95... for the same 7 day turn around, but with the unspoken promise of around 48 hours.... This is just amazing.

As he read all of this, he had two thoughts crowding his mind... one was to open a service himself since people were willing to pay for something so easily attained, and the other was to simply open some doors for a few more people.

He opted to open some doors :-) .... What doors? Well, how about this.... How would you like to own a business where you charge people to get their site spidered, indexed and listed? You would have happy clients 100% of the time. Or, maybe you happen to be one of those people who have been paying a service to do this simple little deed for you... How would you like to spend just a few minutes and do it for yourself.... as often as you like?

Let me just jump to the bottom line here.... He decided not to sell this powerful and truly unique software. Instead, he will just give it to you.
Yes, GIVE IT TO YOU. No strings attached. No payment required, No money changing hands... Nothing.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Do You Buy Leads?

This topic has been posted in so many forums that I have lost count.

Many do, and successfully so. I have bought leads and had them be worthless, and bought leads and made a bundle. Frankly, it is not the primary source of business for any of my online businesses. The longer I am in business though, the more I like to have several sources of customers, signups or subscribers. So Leads from a good source will remain a part of my business plan for some time.

As long as that is the case I will
continue to use these guys:

The name of this resource is SimplerLeads
and I have found them to be great to deal with.

They have a FREE Option as well as a killer tiered affiliate program.
What this means is that before you sign up you should join the affiliate program
so that you can make a commission on your own sale, thus getting your leads
at a substantial discount. But if you don't become an affiliate before you even
join as a FREE Member, then you will lose out on this opportunity.

Do it all now! You have nothing to lose!


Traffic Sources

Whatever type of online business each of us has, there is one common need:

There is probably more information out there on how to produce traffic to your sites than there is about any other topic on Internet Marketing. Almost anyone will tell you that the myriad of services out there offering to sell you blocks of traffic are a waste of money. Don't get me wrong, there are valid and useful reasons to purchase traffic, they just have litle or nothing to do with making direct sales.
I will share a few of the things that have worked the best for me in this regard.
1. The one that I have been using the longest, is a Traffic Exchange. No I am not going to tell you to get a traffic rotating browser and to join 25 different Traffic surf sites. I would recommend that you join just one of these: Traffic Swarm
Frankly one of the reasons that it works better than the rest is that it doesn't work all that well with the traffic rotating browsers. Just think about it: If all of those sites are being viewed primarily by bots(nobody really sees the sites) then what is the point. This is also one of the only exchanges that I feel the Pro option is worth it. Get the Free membership(everyone should be in this one) and then upgrade once you see some results.

2. You have also probably seen quite a few Toolbar programs that make some pretty outlandish claims. Again, I have only found one that seems to work for me. That one is InstantBuzz .
Lots of promotional tools to utilize, and several streams of income built in. Check this out and again, join for Free and once you make some dough, upgrade.

Click here to get Free Targeted Traffic
3. I have saved what is probably the single most important method for last, as it will bring the highest quality traffic to your site that you can get. Many of you will dread hearing this, but it has to be said:
Writing your own Articles and submiting them to Directories is hands down the best way to get your site in front of the right eyes will not only get you visitors, it will get you visitors that are interested in your niche. Of course this assumes that you write articles about that niche! If you do, however your visitors will be interested in your site, and already be impressed with your knowledge of the topic and therefore ready to buy!
The next question is how to get your article in front of the right kind of readers. The answer is a litle bit of software that will submit your articles quickly and easily to Directories. My favorite is Article Submitter. It isn't expensive, and has a two tiered affiliate system to boot. So buy it from your self. Sign up to be an affiliate Click Here .
Then go to your affiliate backroom and get your affiliate code for Article Submitter.
Or just click on my banner below:

Now just a few words about writing your articles.

You cannot simply write a sales letter. You need to write an article that will provide useful content for the readers of a potential webmasters site. There are a ton of folks out there looking for pertinent, quality content. The point is to give them information that will show your usefulness to them. The payoff for you is in just one place: The Author's Resource Box.

Here is what should be in this box: The Author's Name, followed by One URL.

Nothing else! This is the best way to get results from your articles. It is low key, and it is subtle, but it works.

I will be supplying more ways for you to get traffic to whatever type of site you are promoting, but want to keep this one simple. These three, and the associated things you will find within them, are great ways to get started, and will work for you ongoing.

Have Fun!


Thursday, October 05, 2006


Sources of Blogging Income

There are many ways to make money with your blog. Let's go over a few of these:

1. AdSense. This is a Google based program that allows you to cash in on the traffic that your blog generates. You place a bit of code in the tamplate section of your Blogger blog and when someone clicks on one of the ads (which are relevant to your content) you share in the income that Google receives as a result of that click. Your Blogger backroom has easily carried out instructions to apply for an AdSense account, and step by step instructions to get the HTML code for your template.

2. We have discussed and frankly I think this is one of the best to start with:

Another one that every serious internet marketer should be using is ClickBank. They have what is arguably the largest collection of information products out there, and they pay twice monthly and very reliably. I have never missed a check, and have confidence in their professionalism:

There are tons of these out there, and you can easily find them by searching Google for a topic followed by "affiliate program".

3. Your own Product and/or Service. Whether this is a that you are involved in, or a service that you provide, such as selling Health Insurance this can and should be a part of your Blogging Income plan.

4. You can also sell advertizing space on your blog. This should only be attempted once your blog is getting sufficient traffic to warant the cost to your advertizer.

Using Blogs To Make Money

Blogs Will Make Money For You
This is patently true! There are so many ways to use a blog to make money that it boggles the mind. Being a raging Techno-Phobe I use Blogger Blogs exclusively, because I find them so easy to use. I know precious little in the way of HTML and frankly haven't had the time to learn more. I find that Blogger is so popular that I can find solutions to the various hurdles I have come across using very simple Google searches. Many will tell you that Blogger has some problems, and Google(which owns Blogger) has made choices that will limit your blog's usage. I have found ways around every single "limitation" that Blogger imposes...

That said, there is one thing that every blog needs and that is content! There are many many ways to get content for your blog:

1. Write it yourself! I do this quite a bit (look at my blogs). This is why you should pick topics for your blogs that appeal to you, and/or you already have knowledge of. This way you are either writing about something that you already know, or are researching something that interests you so that you can write about it.

2. Check out Article Directories. These are treasure troves of information on every topic that you can imagine. Use these when you simply cannot write the articles yourself, or when you need to for a sub-topic within the topic of your blog.

3. RSS Feeds. Again this is something that I use regularly. An RSS Feed is simply something that will dynamically post information from another site to your own site (or blog in this case). Many will tell you that Blogger will not work with RSS, and this is technically true. But there is a way around this. I am not going to go into the technical side of why this is, just the solution. Go here:

This site will convert the url for an RSS feed into
usable HTML code to put in your Blogger post.

To get RSS Feed urls just go to Google and search for your topic and "RSS Feed". One note about this. When you put the code into your Blogger post and then click the button to post the info, you will get an error message that there is a problem with your HTML. Just check the box that says not to show this box, and the code will both post and work.

There are an almost infinite number of sources of information to post on your blog. Just be sure to credit the source of your information, and when you post someone else's work, it is a good idea to write a small blurb telling your thoughts on the information. A little CYA if you know what I mean...

Okay, I was going to give a bit more info on Blogger blogging,
but will start a new post for it.


What Are you Going To Sell?


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The above banner is my main online business. It is a Business Opportunity that does very well for me, but at one time I was like many of you and needed to make some money without putting any out. The answer when you have no money and no product of your own to sell is affiliate programs. Consider the following products:

This is a unique cashmaker that is just getting to be popular.

A Great Advertizing Resource!

If you are not Writing and Submitting Articles,
you are missing out on Traffic, Visitors and Sales!

Got a site that appeals to Gamers? This will make you cash:

This one just flat out sells....

Advertize! Advertize! and then Advertize! some more:

Plus Several More!

* * * And now the real cool part! CLick the banner below so that when you buy the ones that you want, YOU can make a commission on the sale of any of these products! That's right, all of these products are available through ONE affiliate program. So first sign up as an affiliate at the banner below, and then recruit more affiliates, and make overrides on their sales as well!

Now you need to have somewhere to promote these, so why not a Blog!
I have several, just check out the initial post on this blog and see all of the different topics that I blog on. There is virtually no limit to what topic you can Blog about. And what's more, again the price is right because it is FREE!

More in my next post!