Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Social Marketing Programs - I'll Show You Mine If You'll Show Me Yours

Social Marketing Programs - I'll Show You Mine If You'll Show Me Yours

Here are the urls to my Social Networking
program profiles.

They are all used primarily to promote my
Social Marketing efforts, so feel free to post
your own below, and to add me as a friend
to your own profiles.

If you post yours in a comment below, I will
be happy to add you to mine as well.

Always a pleasure to interact with my blog
readers, whether it is here, or on twitter,
Pownce or Digg!

Tagza. (username is floydbogart
Sphinn (username is floydbogart)
Spurl (username is floydbogart)
Indianpad (username is floydbogart)
Myjeeves.ask (username is floydbogart)
Connectedy (username is floydbogart)
Google Bookmarks (username is boodles.offers)
Fetch (username is floydbogart)
MyVMarks (username is floydbogart)
Wirefan (username is floydbogart)
HealthRanker (username is floydbogart)
Furl (username is floydbogart)
BackFlip (username is floydbogart)
Linkagogo (username is floydbogart)
Plugim (username is floydbogart)
Bookmark Tracker (username is floydbogart)
Ka-Boom-It (username is floydbogart)

You may wonder at the order of this list.
Not as random as it looks though. Take a
look at

This is the service I use to make bookmarking
quicker and easier. Always a good thing...

That's their widget down below my signature.
Makes it easier for readers to bookmark a post

Don't forget to post your own links here too.

Floyd Bogart

A Few Web 2.0 / Social Marketing Tools

High-End Turnkey Websites by Design Shrine

A Few Web 2.0 / Social Marketing Tools

Just a quick post to let you all know about a
some Web 2.0 / Social Marketing tools to make
your internet life a little easier and maybe a bit
more effective.

First off is Social Marker. This is an interface
that will allow you to move straight through each
of your Social Bookmarking sites automatically
signing you in, and autofilling most common fields.

I especially like their widget, which you can see
at the bottom of each of my posts, right after my
digital signature. Well worth the time to check out
and use as they are hooked into 46 different Social
sites and services.

Check them out HERE

Next is a nice little service that for Microblogging
to twitter, jaiku, Pownce, facebook, myspace and
bebo simultaneously.

It is called hellotxt

Very simple to use. Just fill in your username and
password for each of your accounts once, and allow
it to verify your data and you are ready to roll.

Check it out HERE.

I have already mentioned the Social Linking
BlackBook for 2008 in a previous post, but it
bears repeating...

This thing is just chock full of Web 2.0 / Social
Marketing resources tactics and info that you
really can't afford not to read it.

Just take a look at the top of the right hand
sidebar to grab a copy gratis...

More coming later today so check on back!

Floyd Bogart

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Article Marketing Strategy - Selling High Ticket Items

Article Marketing Strategy - Selling High Ticket Items

Having had several emails asking questions about
article marketing, I started looking for info concerning
selling high ticket items online.

There is some great info by a gentleman named
Sean Mize. His articles garner quite a bit of attention
and rightly so. He is brief but his writing serves it's

I found it interesting that he is very open about not
really worrying about how many people read his
articles, as he is mostly looking for added Search
Engine results.

Here is a sampling of his work:

Floyd Bogart

Social Marketing, cPanel Upgrade or Whatever - Slow Down and Read

Social Marketing, cPanel Upgrade or Whatever - Slow Down and Read

I am as guilty as anyone of this, but will rant
for a while anyway, as this is a problem that
many have.

We get so busy that we forget to take the time
to be sure we know the best (or even sometimes
just the basic) ways to do the things that we take
for granted as basic tasks.

I got thrown for a loop today by something as
simple as the new cPanel upgrade. Not really a
big deal, but when you are a SemiLiterate
Marketing Thug with emphasis on the SemiLiterate
for technical stuff, it seems like a really big deal...

I was so focused on some changes to be made to
one of my Thank You Pages, that it took me quite
a few minutes to stop, take a breath and just look
around. Once I did, I found that I could still use
the old File Manager by selecting Legacy File

Once I took the time to look around I found that
I like the upgrade. I like the wysiwyg HTML
editor. Lots to appreciate, and I got the changes
to my page made far quicker because I took the
time to just breathe... Read... and Implement.

Seems basic huh?!

But I'll bet you do it too.

I have folders full of information that can make
my work easier, more effective, and even more

Case in point:

I do a lot of Social Bookmarking, as well as other
forms of Social Marketing almost continuously as
an integral part of blogging, articlemarketing and
a host of other online endeavors.

As a result of my experience with the cPanel upgrade
I took the time to start reading this report:

Social Linking BlackBook

Grab it. No cost, but read it right away, as you will
no doubt save yourself time, as well as get more out
of your efforts by implementing what you learn.

Overall what I want you to take away from this post
is to slow down a bit and make sure that you utilize
the resources at your disposal.

You will get more done, with more ease, and get far
more results from almost whatever you do...

Floyd Bogart

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Launching Your Own Product - A Necessary IM Step

Launching Your Own Product - A Necessary IM Step

At some point this is a step that you can and should
take. Even if you see yourself as primarily someone
that is engaged in affiliate marketing, having your
own products will make it possible for you to engage
in internet marketing and social marketing in manners
that just aren't possible any other way.

This is nothing to be scared about. Just another step
in the direction that we all are taking. In all likelihood
your first product will by one that comes from PLR
packages. Here is one of mine:

Blog Spider Pro

This is a great piece of software that is quite easy to
install and use that will do exactly what it says it will:

Create self-generating websites.

It has a great pricepoint at $17.00 and I am promoting
it through PayDotCom.

You can promote Blog Spider Pro by signing up HERE,
and make 50% of the sales price (less fees).

Why am I doing this?

Well, beyond the obvious profit that I can make from
selling the product I will also be able to interact with
other Affiliate Marketers at PayDotCom in a way that
I cannot do without having my own product.

I can also market other products on my ThankYou
page, which will get more traffic as my affiliates
make sales for me too.

Do you think I will be able to promote my future
products to affiliates that are already making fungolas
selling this product? I do too!

My next projects will be reworkings of things I already
have in place, but I will also be launching some new
and totally original products in the near future in ways
that you can do as easily as I.

I'll be sharing the methods here as these progress.

Floyd Bogart

Michael Cheney Talks Traffic - Interview With A Traffic Expert

Michael Cheney Talks Traffic - Interview With A Traffic Expert

Michael Cheney, one of the most-respected names in
Internet marketing, has been online since 1995 and
is the man behind the 6-Figure launches of AdSense
Videos and 11 Days To List Profits. He has unveiled a
new videos product - "Michael's Traffic Videos"
which covers everything to do with traffic and comes
with 100,000 instant ad credits and a tailored Fast-
Track To Traffic Action Plan.

We managed to grab some time with him recently
and quiz him on his favorite topic - traffic.

You'll get a lot out of this interview including a killer
40-page E-book on traffic that Michael has written
to help you avoid the Top 20 Traffic Disasters!

So let's get started.

Q. Firstly Michael, thank you for joining us today
in your busy schedule.

A. Hey no problem. Good to be here.

Q. We all know that traffic is important but could
you just explain a bit about traffic for the beginners
out there?

A. Sure. Traffic is the lifeblood of any business
online. Without it you just die. We all know that.
But what a lot of us don't realize is that just like
everything else on the Internet traffic changes
very quickly. That is, the methods of getting traffic
are changing all the time and that's where people
get caught out.

Q. What do you mean by "caught out"?

A. Well people fall into the trap of thinking that
just because they know one or two traffic generation
methods that they are some sort of traffic master.
In reality just because you know how to start a pay
per click campaign or a little bit about search engines
doesn't make you anywhere near a traffic expert.
I'm trying to spread the word that there is a massive
array of traffic tactics that most people aren't even
aware of, let alone using or mastering.

Q. Can you give us some examples?

A. Sure. Offline for example. You might immediately
think that getting traffic is a purely online activity but
the truth of the matter is that there are lots of things
you can be doing offline to get people into your website.
And it's usually these sorts of areas that are being
under-utilized and therefore there is less competition
for that traffic as well.

Q. So by offline you mean advertising offline?

A. Not necessarily. That is one method, yes, but
I'm thinking of more creative ways to get people
into your website. It all comes down to the fact
that having asked people on my list it came as no
surprise that most people want to know about free
rather than paid traffic sources. I've had to become
an expert in free ways of getting traffic in my time

Q. What do you mean - I thought you were running a
successful online business with lots of cash flow?

A. I am. But it's not always been this way. When I first
started out in 1995 I had nothing. No money to play with.
Just my own initiative and imagination.

Q. So are you saying you're against paying for traffic

A. No. No I'm not saying that at all. What I'm saying i
s that, especially when you first start out, you always
want to focus on the free methods. You get the traffic
in for free, make some sales and then you can reinvest
some of that money into paid methods of getting traffic.
This speeds up the process.

Q. So what particular offline methods are you referring
to - can you give us some examples?

A. There's one tactic I used that costs nothing to
implement, is relatively quick and ended up getting me
thousands and thousands of targeted visitors into my
websites. When I've shared this tactic with other
marketers at seminars they've started laughing and
slapping their foreheads when they saw how easy it was.
They were also embarrassed that they had failed to use
this tactic. It was quite amusing.

Q. So are you going to tell us what this method is?

A. No! (laughs) It's in my course! I truly believe in
rewarding those people that are most eager to learn
so instead of giving away all my traffic tactics in
interviews like this I've put some of them in an
E-Book I've written. It is free though if people want
to get it.

Q. So how can people get hold of it?

A. It's called "How To Avoid The Top 20 Traffic
Disasters" and you can get it by going to
Michael's Traffic Videos - you'll see it mentioned
on that page.

Q. What's in it?

A. Well I really wanted to raise the bar on a
free E-Book so I spent a lot of time creating it.
It's 40 pages long and stuffed with juicy content
on what NOT to do when it comes to traffic.
As far as I'm concerned too many people out
there tell you what you should do but not what
you shouldn't do. That's where this E-Book
comes in.

Q. Okay. I think we're about done is there
anything else you want to tell everyone?

A. Just that if they are serious about getting
more traffic into their website they need to
goto Michael's Traffic Videos and get that
free E-Book.

Q. Cool. Well thanks for your time Michael
and speak to you soon.

A. My pleasure. Speak soon.

That's it for now, hope you enjoyed this
info from Mike...

Floyd Bogart

Quit guessing -- Learn Squidoo quickly with this free audio

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Social Marketing Video Slumgullion - A Mixed Web 2.0 Bag

High-End Turnkey Websites by Design Shrine

Social Marketing Video Slumgullion - A Mixed Web 2.0 Bag

My Web 2.0 perspective gets wider constantly.

This post will hopefully open your eyes to an ever
expanding world of Social Marketing opportunities.

Slumgullion was a dish that my Dad used to make
for out family on the few occassions when he cooked
for us. His description of what Slumgullion is was
simply that it was a vibrant mixture of whatever
inspired him at that moment.

Which is exactly what the following videos are...

Watch them and I guarantee your outlook will
expand and expose you to a multitude of new
and exciting Web 2.0 and Social Marketing
ideas, products, projects...

You get the idea!

Let's start with a mind-blowing overview of
just what this whole Web 2.0 experience is:

While your mind is still reeling, and you
ask yourself how we fell down this rabbit
hole, watch this:

This is what it is all about. Whether you
call it Web 2.0 or Social Marketing or even
Slumgullion, that tag line is appropriate:

"The audience is up to something..."

Now watch and listen to seth Godin, author
Meatball Sunday and founder of Squidoo,
as he talks Marketing. When Seth talks
marketing, anyone that markets, listens:

So now ask yourself:

What is my Purple Cow?"

Here is one company's:

Nothing will ever be the same in the
marketing world again. Web 2.0 means
that to a greater extent than anyone
would have thought possible, the market
is now in a greater position of control
than ever.

For the first time,
the dog is wagging
the tail, and not the other way around.

The winners of the Web 2.0 - Social
Marketing game will be those that work
with the flow and respond to that market.

By definition, the only way to respond to
anything or anyone is to be a part of the
conversation. Will you be?

These guys found a way to be:

Being a part of the conversation means
speaking in the language it is taking
place in. YouTube, MySpace, FaceBook,
blogging, social bookmarking and forum
posting are all parts of that language.

Now, take your purple cow, and translate
it into that language!

Floyd Bogart

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Article Marketing - Nothing To Be Afraid Of

Article Marketing - Nothing To Be Afraid Of

My own first foray into the world of Article Marketing
was fraught with anxiety, and needlessly so.

The idea of publishing articles alongside the Internet
Gurus that I had learned from made Article Marketing
seem like I was assuming way too much about my own

So I did what many did and rounded up a bunch of PLR
stuff and spun the content, and voila'! I was an Article

Of course I didn't get the results that I'd read about in
all of the reports and ebooks on Article Marketing I had
read either.

That was then, and this is now...

Article Marketing is something that anyone endeavoring
to make an online income needs to be doing. Maybe our
words are not as noteworthy as a Mike Filsaime's or an
Alex Mandossian's but they have an inherent value that
cannot be ignored.

Why is that?

When you put your own experience into words, that has
a power that can be gotten no other way. Marketing
with Articles that contain your own struggles, victories
and yes even your defeats will motivate people to look
at your sites because they are real.

If you think that your grammar or punctuation are not
up to par, and that will make your articles look less
professional, then write them in Word and watch the
prompts. Your Articles will look sufficiently professional
to get visitors to your sites.

It is also not really necessary to submit your Articles to
hundreds of Article Directories. In most cases I just
submit to This is the most widely
accessed Article Directory by far, so it's reach is sufficient.

Okay, if you really want to use more of a shotgun
approach you can get your Article submitted to over 600
Article Directories at

Article Marketing allows you to build traffic, links back to
your site, and a reputation as someone to listen to in
your market.

Article Marketing is a vital part of your Web 2.0 activities.

Article Marketing builds links back to your blog, website,
Squidoo Lens, HubPage or any other webpage you are

Article Marketing builds your reputation within the online
community of your niche.

Article Marketing is something you need to begin doing

Floyd Bogart

Press Play To Take

Control Of Your Websites

Click Here To
Your Free Video

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Social Marketing and SEO Results

Click here to get

Social Marketing and SEO Results

I was reading Timothy Brocklehurst's Blog yesterday,
and the discussion of his SEO results motivated me to
go and have a fresh look at my own traffic stats. What
I found was quite a pleasant surprise.

This blog had gotten to the top of Google for some fairly
competitive keywords. One of these is online income blog.

This is probably the least competitive of the keywords
that I was getting Google and Yahoo! traffic from, but
the only one unaffected by what happened next...

Just a few hours later, Blogger locked down my blog as a
possible Spam Blog. Huh?! Boy was I confused.

This had happened to one of my other blogs a little
while ago, and took quite a while to get unlocked.
Fortunately it took just a couple of hours this time.
Mostly because I found a post in the Blogger Forum
that allowed for a much faster review.

Unfortunately the results on several of the keywords
that I had ranked high on before...

just... plain... disappeared.

So there it is. The two edged sword. We enjoy a bit of
an edge using Google's own Blogger and get favorable
treatment by their spiders, but with an interruption of
our status, that advantage disappears mighty fast.

This got me to thinking about what it was that got me
ranked for these keywords in the first place.

The flat honest fact of the matter is that I had been doing
the basics of SEO work all along, but what had really
pushed my results over the edge had nothing to do with
meta tags, keyword density or pagerank.

What had finally pushed me up there in the rankings was:

Social Marketing!

How do I know this?


I got no results like this when my PageRank was
higher, and no Google traffic at all when I used
various submission services, or the SEO service(s)

The plain fact of the matter is that traffic begets
traffic begets traffic... And so on.

The more hits I get from my Social Marketing activities,
the more I get from Google, Yahoo!, MSN and the rest
of the SE crowd.

That is also the good news. It means that I'll rebound
quickly from my own Google slap. All I need to do is
keep at what I am already doing.

Social Bookmarking.



Posting to forums and blogs.

What got me where we all want to be was Social
Marketing or Web 2.0 if you prefer, and that is
how it should be.

What works, and will continue to work for the
forseeable future is to be involved in your market.
So you'll see me out ther swinging in my own
"Semi-Literate Marketing Thug" way.

It ain't slick, and often it ain't pretty, but it will be me...

Interacting in the niches I choose to market to,
and making mistakes along with a few fungolas
along the way...

Floyd Bogart

Friday, April 11, 2008

Evidently I'm a Wanker

Evidently I'm a Wanker

I was checking the stats on my Free Lens Traffic
Squidoo page when I noticed a bunch of traffic
from Technovia.

Being a curious guy I clicked over to the originating url
and made a startling discovery:

I am a wanker and a spammer to boot!

Read the post HERE
and then weigh in.

I am really curious as to what others think on this, as
it seems to me to be at the heart of the whole Web 2.0
experience. If we market using any Web 2.0 strategem
are we then spammers?

My opinion is obvious, but let me know yours!

Floyd Bogart

Monday, April 07, 2008

Best Bang for Your Buck Advertising-Not

High-End Turnkey Websites by Design Shrine

Best Bang for Your Buck Advertising-Not

The following is a canned review for SpinSuccess,
which purports to be an SEO service that will get
you traffic, signups and sales for just $29.95/month.

Their ads are all over the place. I have gotten emails,
PMs in forums, seen them in sig files and even had a
close IM friend give them a thumbs up (turns out he
believed another friends endorsement).

The fact of the matter is, you can never find these
that are getting all of these great results.
The two PPC
ad networks that they give you
"$100/month in Free
Credits" for have so little
traffic to sell you that their
own search feature
shows that the term "PPC" has no
searches and
"Pay Per Click" just has 3.

Sorry guys, this one is a pass:

Okay, you have created an affiliate website and are
all set to generate your additional income from there.
But hang on – only half the job is done so far!

In order to create an all new success story in affiliate
marketing what you need is successful and consistent
traffic generation to your website.

This is not a thing of less import, because unless and
until you get success in driving in your prospects to
your website, you can rest assured that no one is going
to know about the products and services you have at

This becomes even truer in the most competitive
scenario of today, where there are millions upon
millions of other contenders of your cause.

Search engine submission services, like the most
effective SpinSuccess, comes to your rescue here.

They not only pioneer in delivering you the best search
engine optimization services but also guarantee regular
search engine submission at the most valued search
engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo!.

Their team consists of expert Internet marketing
professionals with a cumulated experience of over
30 years in marketing and research, ensuring you
never-before services in delivering you over your

They will hand submit your website to the search
engines stated above along with auto-submitting the
same in over100,000 other search engines, equipped
to generate millions of traffic units only for your

It is a grand success story with masters like SpinSuccess
with you, where you can never tire counting the amount
of real money generated from your website.

Their services include a complete extensive analysis and
review of your website and monthly reports and updates
regarding the submission status of your website to the
search engines.

Their 24/7 customer support system is always prepared
to assist you with no additional charges. They also offer
you $200 worth pay-per-click fund that is not only free
but also replenishable when needed.

Their overall services include full website reviewing,
hand and auto-submission to all the search engines,
monthly account updating and complete technical
support, free GoodKeyword Pro copy, $100 each credit
with pay-per-click search engines like

You get all these and more – services combines worth
no less than $700 – with SpinSuccess at the most
humble price of $29.95 as monthly membership
subscription charges for a limited period.

They also offer you a 7 night vacation for the two of
you with more than 1000 breathtaking destinations
to select from.

The primary motto of the SpinSuccess team is to ensure
your one hundred percent satisfaction and pleasure.
They are definitely the most effective advertising for the
price they charge, with the guarantee of rating your
website among the top ten rankers in any search result.

This increases your visibility to your prospects and makes
it a lot easier on their part to hunt you out. More than
90% of people find what they are looking for through the
search engines.

The SpinSuccess team understands this and delivers you
the services that will never fail you. Do not believe it?

Just take a look at what their customers
have to say about them.

Visit SpinSuccess today to increase
your traffic and sign-ups:

Spin Success

Again: Pass on this one friends...

Floyd Bogart

Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Traffic Just Keeps Increasing

The Traffic Just Keeps Increasing

My regular readers, followers, Digg friends and other
assorted Web 2.0 cohorts have already been exposed
to this information so I'll try to be brief...

Use Russell Brunson's LinkBrander in
conjunction with
an HTML Cloaker or
you are missing out on traffic.

More and more of my activities online are creating
traffic for me without my having to think about it
or even do anything extra just because of this little

And it's FREE! Even to Upgrade to Premium!!
(I know, I know. Enough with the exclamation points.)

For those not yet familiar with the process here it is:

1. Run your affiliate links, your blog post urls and
any other web address that you promote through
Russell Brunson's LinkBrander.

2. Run the resulting link through whatever HTML
Cloaking software you are using.
(If you don't have anything, then use mine here
at no cost whatsoever)

3. Cut and paste the resulting piece of code into
a text document like Notepad and "save as"
a .html file.

4. Upload to your server so that your resulting
url looks something like:

5. Use these urls whereever and whenever you
are promoting that site, blog, program or

6. Also use these urls to access the programs
themselves. (I use the url in Step 4 to access
LinkBrander and get ad credits for just going
in to create new branded urls)

I know that this program works, as I have made
three purchases this week myself because of the
text ads at the bottom of my own urls.

The beauty of this whole thing IMHO is that your
traffic begets more traffic begets more traffic...

It's not just viral it's circular, if you get what I mean.

Most of the time now as I am working I have a tab
opened to LinkBrander and another to my Cloaker.

Okay, so I wasn't brief. But hopefully enough of you
will get the point now that this is really something
that we all need to be doing as a matter of course.

Don't make me come back and say this again!

Floyd Bogart

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Review of Viral EBook Explosion

Review of Viral EBook Explosion

In spite of my best laid plans, much of what I
had scheduled to accomplish this week; life did
in fact prevent me from getting to the bulk of
these projects.

Between a death in the family, one broken digit
and a multitude of less major emergencies, my
keyboard time was almost non-existent.

Wait a minute though...

What are all of these emails about?

Yep! Sales kept happening, and fungolas kept
flowing into my accounts...

Aah yes. This is why we all got onto this treadmill
to begin with. Recurring & residual income ROCK!

So I will satisfy my desire to salvage something
from this week by giving you all a little review of
Jeff Dedrick's Viral EBook Explosion

This is another "Butterfly Marketing" style program
that offers Rebrandable EBooks, as a "Free" offering
and then proceeds to tempt you with an OTO (that's
a "One Time Offer") and then a monthly option as
well. I frequently go "Free" on these types of offers
as I plan to promote them more than use the products
but something made me pull that buy lever...

Cowabunga! Am I glad I did...

This one will take a while to implement, but is
worth the time and trouble to do so.

The first thing I noticed in the backroom was the wide
variety of promotional materials. Banners, graphics,
articles, Thank You pages videos...

Again it will take a while to get through it all and
decide when and where you want to deploy this
bounty of marketing tools. You will be happy to
say the least.

If I have to say something negative about this program
it would be that there really may be just so much there
that people will get analysis paralysis trying to decide
exactly where to start.

I found all to be well organized, and the interfaces very
self explanatory. It isn't dumbed down by any means,
but doesn't assume too much either.

There are a few bugs here and there, but Jeff has a killer
help desk set up and his skilled staff helped me through
the one thing I couldn't muddle through myself.

If I was only going to purchase one program to promote
and implement this year, then this would be in the top 3
I would choose from.

Yep! You should check this out:

Jeff Dedrick's Viral EBook Explosion

You're really going to be blown away, as I've really only
skimmed the surface of all this has to offer...


Floyd Bogart

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Brand High Quality Viral Reports Free

Brand High Quality Viral Reports Free

When I saw "Free High Quality Reports", my first
thought was "Yeah, sure. Free AND High Quality!"

But I joined. Why not - it's free.

I joined with healthy skepticism. I am usually pretty
critical of the free content you find out there.

However, I soon found my skepticism melting away.
In fact, I was quite pleasantly surprised by what I

Mike Filsaime's Butterfly Reports

First, I have to say that this site is pretty ingenious
when you think about it. Branded, high quality
reports you get to give away - and make money

When I actually checkout out a few of the reports,
I found that they were much more than just "thrown
together trash". In fact, quite the opposite.

Along with the reports supplied by the staff writers of
the site, members can also contribute their own reports.
As a free member, you can contribute one of your
original reports every month.

After a while, once you have contributed a few reports,
you will see how viral this concept really is.

I've seen an increase in my traffic, as well as seen my
own credibility as an expert shoot through the roof.

As always, check it out now and then
make your own decision:

Mike Filsaime's Butterfly Reports

Floyd Bogart