Friday, July 04, 2008

Stalking Your Social Marketing Heroes

Stalking Your Social Marketing Heroes

I got a lot of feedback about Jason Moffatt's
comment to my post last week
. Got me wondering
about how it was that he found the post so fast.

Oh I know a lot of the ways to keep up with any
posts or content that relates to yourself, but
wondered if there were ways that I wasn't aware

And of course there are. Got this in my inbox
last night, and thought I'd share it. Came from
Jason Moffatt himself:

Not sure about you but am already brainstorming
different ways to use This is definitely
at the top of my Twitter app list.

Watch the video a couple of times, and then go and
play with it. Then come back here and post your

Eat a peach!

Floyd Bogart

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Blogging For Income IS Copywriting

Blogging For Income IS Copywriting

Like me, you probably originally started a blog
as you were told that it was the best way to drive
traffic. Or maybe just to relate things about your
life. Or one of a myriad of other reasons that people
start blogs.

At any rate, if you are reading this post it means
that one reason is that you want to generate cash
from your online activities.

This makes you a Copywriter.

Yep, like it or not you now have that title. The only
question left is whether you are a successful Copy-
writer or not...

My own road from Copywriter to successful Copy-
writer was a bit rocky. See, as much as I wanted to
be a good writer, something about that Copy part
just didn't click with me. I thought that if I was a
good Writer that it was enough.

Fact is though, that while good writing skills are
important they will only get you so far. The skills
that it takes to be a good Copywriter also need to
be acquired.

If you have read this blog before, then you have
heard of The Gary Halbert Letters. Gary Halbert
is generally acknowledged as the greatest Copy-
writer of all time, and the collected works found
at his site are a great body of work to consider,
but you have to be able to recognize what makes
them great to learn form them too.

A day or two ago, a Copywriting buddy of mine
directed me to a group of Copywriting resources
put together by Trent Steele that are quite good.
Being free put them in the right price point too.

Grab them HERE.

You will have to Opt-In to his newsletter to get
them, but that shouldn't be a surprise. This is
a great bunch of resources, and many of them
are geared more toward writing fiction.

As a Copywriter much of what you find here will
not apply to what you are trying to do, but there
are several items here that are invaluable. Take
the time to sort through and you will find skillsets
that will be invaluable to you.

But as a blogger, you are also a creative writer,
and a journalist as well. So you really need all
that this group of writer's resources has to offer.

Trent has not only put together good tutorials,
but an actual Writer's Community for you to
interact with. Take advantage of this as fully
as you can. It is probably the most valuable
part of this package.

Whether you look at yourself as a Social Marketer
or a Writer and Copywriter, writing is still the
most important aspect of our work. In the end,
the quality of this work is what will determine
whether we are successful in these endeavors
or not.

Why leave that to chance?

Invest some time into your education as a Writer
and as a Copywriter. It will pay bigger dividends
than almost anything else you can do...

Grab the package now while it's still available free.

Eat a peach!

Floyd Bogart

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Looking Back At My Accomplishments For June 2008

Looking Back At My Accomplishments For June 2008

Here's hoping that your June was as good as mine was!

I learned a lot, and implemented a fair amount of it, the
end result being a net improvement to my Alexa Rank
of better than 500,000 places. I know, I know: it doesn't
really mean anything. It does give you a yardstick to
guage how you are doing in comparison to your peers.

The traffic that has gotten me here has come primarily
from Social Marketing activities, a bit of Article
Marketing and by getting into Trackback Links.

These are all a direct result of info gleaned from reading
the 2008 Authority Blackbook. I keep telling you all to
subscribe up at the right, but tell you what! Here it is:

The 2008 Authority Blackbook

This is the biggest and best Web 2.0 Resource list you
will find anywhere. It just flat out rocks!

Apply what you read and you will benefit...

I also learned a little something from one of my readers
that advised me to put more of my blog's "Link Juice"
to work for me, instead giving it away.

What's that mean?

It means no more widgets listing MyBlogCatalog or
FuelMyBlog. It means making sure that when you
mention something from another blog post, linking
to it. It means making sure that your blog doesn't
have the look and feel of a garage sale.

Hey, I know I've been guilty of that one, and am trying
to constantly improve the quality and quantity of the
content and resources that I publish here.

My relationship with Blogger took a bit of a beating
in June as well, but we got through it...

Another blogger (who shall remain nameless) that I
was (successfully) competing with for certain keywords,
decided to get a leg up by reporting me to Blogger as a
spam blog. This got my blog locked up 3 different
times. Smoke actually came out of my ears once...

Fortunately the good folks at Blogger listened to what
I had to say in my defense and unlocked me pretty
quickly. Anyone that has had this happen to them
knows the powerless feeling that ensues, and can

Well, I did get past that, and am persevering with my
little Blogger blog here and have decided to keep it up
even once I get the WordPress projects planned off
the ground.

My copy writing services have suddenly become a
bigger part of Floyd's Online Income as well. Any
of you wanting to grab some traffic generating
Squidoo Lenses check out my offer HERE.

And speaking of The Squid! I suddenly got a wild
hair last Friday night and just had to do whatever
was necessary to qualify as a Giant Squid. So...

24 Lenses in 24 Hours

Unfortunately I found that I no longer like some
of my old lenses so I took them down and replaced
them to make that all important 50 lens mark.

I was already sort of cranked up about Squidoo
anyway from my Genepax lens hitting #3 in the
Autos category, and realized that to start getting
ranked in the Top 100 overall on Squidoo, that I
would need to be one of the Giant Squids.

Who knows, I still may not make Giant Squid, but
I sure had fun cranking them out. It also gave me
motivation to keep writing. Content is so important
to what we do here, and I was on a roll so...

Just kept on cranking.

One of my Digg friends, Janet Ford also got me into
putting up pages on eHow and Triond as a means
of writing for income. Both have good revenue sharing
programs, but you've got to produce a fair number of
articles before it starts adding up, but add up it does.

Speaking of Digg, been having some scrapes there too.

The url for this blog got banned there. Not really sure
why. Sent an email about it, but got nowhere. Not a
stinking thing you can do about it, so moved on and
started using Propeller instead...

BTW, it looks to me like FriendFeed is going to become
more and more important as time goes on, so if you
ain't jumped on yet, do so now! I'll now doubt be
posting more about using FriendFeed in July so watch
for it.

If you pay any attention to me at all (and why should
you) you have noticed a growing dependence on Google
. This is an ongoing thing for me, and several
others in my circle. On the other hand, they have gotten
me one whale of a lot of traffic on several occassions.

My attitude on this is, why fight it?! Google accounts
for the lion's share of the traffic out there, so why not
go with the flow?

After my dust ups with Blogger and Digg, I'm just too
tired to tackle Google...

Eat a peach!

Floyd Bogart

Creating Your Own eBook In 5 Minutes At Zero Cost

Creating Your Own eBook In 5 Minutes At Zero Cost

Can you cut and paste?

Then you can create your own ebook in less
than 5 minutes and not spend a dime.


Okay, let's do this together then:

Step 1. Go to and choose
a topic, or better yet an author. Whichever
you choose, pick out an article or two that
apply to a niche that you market to and go
to the page of that article.

Step 2. At the top right of the page your chosen
article is published on, you will see the following
list of options:

Click on Ezine Publisher.

Step 3. Copy and paste the html version of the article
into the editor HERE.

Step 4. Now add a banner or text ad at the top of the
article and another at the bottom. Make sure that what
you are advertizing is pertinent to the articles topic.

Step 5. Clidk the button at the bottom of the page that
says: Generate PDF.

There you go! You've done it...

Just a few things you should know. You need to read the
TOS for so that you don't violate any
of their rules, such as that you can only give this infor away.
You cannot sell it. On the other hand you could give it away
as a bonus with some other product.

I will leave this PDF generator up for all of my readers to
use for free as long as you like. Now you have no excuse
for not generating your own reports to give away and start
your own viral marketing campaign.

You could even let your readers know where they can take
your report and easily "Brand" it with their own information.

It's free to use. The content is plentiful and free too.

What's your excuse now?

Eat a peach!

Floyd Bogart

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