Thursday, July 21, 2011

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship

I came across the term Social Entrepreneurship yesterday while talking with the head of a 501C3 organization yesterday here in Tampa, and it really set my mind to working. Being an MLM and direct sales marketing professional, in many ways I have been a Social Entrepreneur all along. But this conversation really got me to examine very closely the role that Social Entrepreneurship can play in offering free market solutions to problems frequently left to Federal Government agencies to solve.

Let's get a better understanding about this by taking a look at what Wikipedia has to say about Social Entrepreneurship:


Social Entrepreneurship is the work of social entrepreneurs. A social entrepreneur recognizes a social problem and uses entrepreneurial principles to organize, create and manage a venture to achieve social change (a social venture). While a business entrepreneur typically measures performance in profit and return, a social entrepreneur focuses on creating social capital. Thus, the main aim of social entrepreneurship is to further social and environmental goals. Social entrepreneurs are most commonly associated with the voluntary and not-for-profit sectors [1], but this need not preclude making a profit. Social entrepreneurship practised with a world view or international context is called international social entrepreneurship.[2] See also Corporate Social Entrepreneurship.


To my way of thinking, and particularly with the political and economic climate in the world right now, the profit side is as important as the social capital side.


Because in the long run, if it isn't profitable it won't be sustainable in the toughest times, which is exactly when such things are most needed!

Let me challenge you for a second: Think of a charity or a cause that you believe in. It doesn't matter what it is really. The environment, a religious organization, the homeless…

Now ask yourself: Are they likely to be finding it easier or harder to accomplish their goals right now. With rampant unemployment, contributions are down across the board, and it looks like Federal funding is about to become very hard to come by. Even volunteerism goes down when people are forced to work more than one job.

Find a problem and you will usually find an opportunity!

So if an organization or a cause lacks funding, then to put it into a more free enterprise vernacular they lack income. And as MLM and Direct Sales Professionals we know a thing or two about creating income!

It has been less than 24 hours since I had the conversation with the head of that 501C3 organization and I've already started putting together marketing campaigns and strategies to capitalize on what I think can be a very active, productive and profitable niche in my MLM and Direct Sales business.

I've already got the framework in place for programs with the 911 Gascard Program and The Only Government Approved Money Generating System On Facebook.

Check out either or both and then call me about setting up a campaign to create income for yourself, and the cause or organization you would like to assist in these unique times.

Jim Patterson


Thursday, April 14, 2011

MultiLevel Marketing - MLM And The Matching Coded Bonus

MultiLevel Marketing - MLM And The Matching Coded Bonus

By Jim Patterson

I remember back in the nineties hearing about people involved in the MLM known as Excel Communications building these enormous monthly checks. People said it was because they were an MLM that had such a great product. And while they did have an outstanding product, that was not really why people were able to get their residual incomes to such astounding levels.

Excel is, of course gone now as their product (long distance phone service) was made obsolete by VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and the resulting free long distance service we enjoy today. We can still look at their pay plan though and learn by it what it was that was different about how Excel members were compensated.

I have talked with several people that were involved back then and with one or two exceptions, the Excel Comp Plan was not that different than we see in the industry today. Without fail however, each and every person mentioned one specific aspect of the plan. And they had a story to tell about someone in their team (sometimes LOTS of people in their team) who were able to exploit to create life changing residual income.

The Matching Coded Bonus - This is what it was called. And I heard stories about teachers building seven figure monthly incomes. I heard of many people building seven figure annual incomes, and uncounted numbers of people that were able to build six figure incomes for the first time in their lives.

Here is how it worked -

When a new rep started to build their team of personal enrollees, the first three were assigned or "coded" to someone above them. Who that was will become apparent shortly.

From the fourth enrollee on, each and every one of the people enrolled by that person were coded to them. And therefore, the first three enrollees that THEY brought into the business got coded to them, as opposed to the individual that enrolled them.

Remember that this coding was only for the purposes of the Matching Coded Bonus, which was paid like this:

As with most MLM comp plans, there was a fast start bonus paid to the enrollee at the time a new person made their qualifying purchase. A matching amount was paid to whoever that enroller was coded to.

So the important part of this is that the enroller was the one coded to someone. And from that point on, for each and every person that enroller signed into the business, the person they were coded to earned a Matching Coded Bonus.

Since the first three people sponsored by "Rep X" after he (or she) sponsored their own first three get "Coded" to "RepX", he then got this bonus on each and every enrollee that those people signed up to infinity. So by it's nature this coded team grew exponentially.

So as you can see, Excel's product, while excellent was only half the story. The real power behind the massive residual income their members were able to create was the Matching Coded Bonus. Coupling another excellent product (hopefully one not destined to obsolescence) would be a dynamite combination that would make it possible to create Excel's results but for a much longer time.

There is such a company operating right now!

They have a product that cannot become obsolete, and a dynamite comp plan including Matching Coded Bonuses!

Learn more about it all here: Numis Network

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Friday, April 01, 2011

Easy Squeeze Pages - Create Squeeze Pages With Point & Click Ease

Easy Squeeze Pages on Squidoo:

Squeeze Pages have become a staple in internet marketing and it doesn't look like they are going anyplace soon!

At it's most basic, a squeeze page is any webpage with a relatively small or short message accompanied by a call to action like an opt-in box or in some cases even a Buy It Now button.

Recently more and more of these are Video Squeeze Pages where the short message is in the form of a video embedded to one side of the page, or sometimes even above the call to action.

During the past year I've noticed a trend toward much longer videos, and refinements such as delaying the appearance of the call to action item. These kinds of changes in the basic Squeeze Page formula don't really change the fact that at heart, most of these types of webpages are relatively simple, and extremely effective ways to market your own, or affiliate products and services.

Putting this type of page together has been something that many marketers wish they had access to in a quick and easy fashion, and there are some great products out there with templates. These are sometimes way too niche specific, needlessly complicated, or just plain expensive.

On this page I'll be showing you a very simple to use, easily customizable Squeeze Page creation tool that goes for just $7!!


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