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SEO - Search Engine Optimization Vs PPC - PayPerClick Marketing

SEO - Search Engine Optimization Vs PPC - PayPerClick Marketing

By Jim Patterson

Every webmaster on the internet is looking for the same thing. An unending stream of targeted visitors looking at their sites, reading their content and considering their offers or those of their advertisers.

When you think about large sources of website visitors you usually end up considering one of two methods of traffic generation:

1. SEO or Search Engine Optimization

2. PPC or PayPerClick Marketing

Each of these is a source of almost limitless traffic. Each of them also have their own pros and cons. Which of these you initially, or primarily pursue will depend on how you view certain aspects of each of them.

Time To Setup
- Here PPC Marketing would seem to have the upper hand. It takes a lot longer for SEO efforts to turn into visitors than it does for a well executed PayPerClick campaign. On the other hand, it really should only take ten days to two weeks to get some results from the search engines. Many will tell you that SEO takes months to implement successfully. Not so...

- If you do the SEO work yourself then your only cost is your time, and it can take hours and days of your time to implement good SEO strategies. If you hire someone to do your SEO work for you, then you will have a chunk of expense right up front. Some firms charge thousands to just get started. You can get good starter packages for less than two hundred dollars with good guarantees. PPC costs on the other hand are constant and ongoing as long as your campaigns run. It can take relatively little to get going, but the tally continues to run as long as the traffic flows.

- Here you are looking at roughly equivalent efforts. SEO and PPC are both keyword driven, so you will need to either spend the time to find high volume keywords relevant to your site, or pay someone else to do it for you. Of course, in PPC Marketing good keywords come at a higher cost, while in SEO work it will just take more effort to rank well for a highly competitive keyword or phrase.

- Here SEO has a distinct advantage. PPC campaigns need constant attention as you tweak your headlines and ad bodies. Search Engine Optimization will generally be hands free once you do your initial work for a keyword. True, you may need to post more backlinks for a keyword on a monthly basis to stay ahead of your competitors but that is all.

Both of these methods can supply your sites with enormous amounts of traffic. While you don't really have to choose between SEO and PPC, most people will gravitate towards one of the two as their primary source of traffic over time depending on the above criteria.

Consider each strategy that you decide on carefully and you will have all the traffic you could want.

Jim Patterson

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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Keyword Rich Domain Names and PPC Marketing

Keyword Rich Domain Names and PPC Marketing

By Jim Patterson

The benefits of Keyword Rich Domain Names is obvious from several different standpoints. A domain name that tells you what the underlying site is about will do better with offline marketing efforts for obvious reasons. The benefits from an SEO standpoint are there, but somewhat limited to the keywords contained in the domain itself. The importance of the domain in PPC (PayPerClick) Marketing campaigns is becoming more clear every day.

Marketing products and services via PPC campaigns gets more competitive by the second, so any thing that lowers your cost per click is important. And raising your CTR (Click Through Rate) will lower your cost per click by raising your quality rating on Google. More and more of the PPC Gurus like Perry Marshall and Frank Kern are talking about the importance of the domain used in a PPC ad. Anything that gives that ad more credibility will raise the CTR, and there are really only three parts to any PPC ad.

  • The Headline
  • The Ad Text
  • The URL to Click

There is quite a bit of information available about addressing the first two, and not that much thought has been given to the last one until recently. Here are a few things to remember when choosing a domain name to use in PayPerClick Marketing Campaigns:

  • .com Extensions Are Preferable - No surprise here. A .com extension at the end of your domain name gives the impression of being a well established site or company. This is pretty much accepted, but I am finding that more and more of my domains with other extensions are doing well as the .com extensions with good keyword combinations get scarcer. I will always go with a .com domain name over others, but will take a domain with good keywords and another extension over any extensions without good keywords.
  • Capitalize the Keywords In Your PPC Ads - So is not as good as Split testing will bear out that you will just get more clicks this way. The difference can be more than a 300% increase in your Click Through Rate. Again, this will raise your Google Quality Score and therefore lower you cost per click.
  • Rush - As Keyword Rich Domain Names get more and more scarce, little tricks like this become more important. Throwing a www- in front of the keywords you want can give you more choices in the escalating Domain Name grab. Testing shows that there seems to be little effect on the positive affect that comes from having good keywords in your domain.

Using Keyword Rich Domain Names makes more and more sense when you examine the results regardless of what methods of marketing you use. Apply these tips and tricks and your results will show this. When your profitability can hang on a difference of just a few percentage points, it pays to grab any advantage you can find. Using Keyword Rich Domain Names makes more sense every day...

Jim Patterson

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Google's Front Page - Don't Be Over Awed

Google's Front Page - Don't Be Over Awed
By Jim Patterson

I was doing a little research for an article or two on my favorite Internet Marketing Tool (Google) the other day when I noticed something rather encouraging to my own self image as an internet marketer and copywriter.

The articles I was researching were on SEO techniques and the keyword phrases I ran searches for returned some pretty large numbers of sites returned. And yet after I read every one of the results from the front page of one very competitive phrase, I only came across 3 valid ideas/techniques/instructions. My mind reeled:

How can this be! This is the front page of Freakin' Google!!

Most of these pages were simply what I call AdSense fodder. Rich in keywords and no doubt backlinked within an inch of its worthless life. When people don't find anything useful the site owner hopes they will click an ad or two. I make it a point NOT to click any links on what a site owner must know is a site full of useless words...

My point
(and yes I have one)
is this:

It takes more than a little effort to get your page to the front page of Google for competitive keywords and keyword phrases. I do so regularly using a combination of High PR Backlinks and Article Marketing. It takes time and effort but is accomplished without anything resembling magic or witchcraft. So if you are going to go to the trouble getting there:

Then please have something worthwhile to say on the topic!

There is zero reason to feel inadequate to the task of having relevant things to say. The results are in, and whatever you have to add to the discussion is well worth putting in writing as so much of what is getting to Google's front page is drivel!

An article outlining someone's failures would have been preferable to the vast majority of what I read exploring these SERPs. At least someone reading that would have been aided in their own elimination process. If you know nothing on a subject, research it and put down what you learn before going about the laborious work of posting backlinks with anchor text and writing articles to promote the page. You will shine!

Even if you build a blog with the intention of posting articles on a subject from an Article Directory to promote affiliate products or for AdSense income you can be selective about the quality of the articles you select and be head and shoulders above the competition in most cases.

The lesson to be learned here is that there is still a huge opportunity to present good quality content in pretty much any niche you choose and become an authority and a force to be reckoned with. Your blog or website can become an authority site!

We have all seen the posts, threads and articles preaching:

Create Content!

Create Content!

Create Content!

Well another word is needed here to make it:

Create Relevant Content!!

Create Relevant Content!!

Create Relevant Content!!

All it takes is the effort to be sure that your content delivers some form of relevancy on the keywords that you choose to promote.

So don't let yourself be over awed by the idea of your words being on the front page of Google.

I mean hey! Nobody else is...

Jim Patterson

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Email Marketing - Why Most of Your Emails Never Even Get Opened

Email Marketing - Why Most of Your Emails Never Even Get Opened
By Jim Patterson

If you read anything about email marketing in forums these days you will probably come across a lot of people that are under the impression that marketing your products and services through any of the forms of email marketing has lost all effectiveness.

Whether you publish a newsletter or ezine, use email or ad blasters or publish your emails to safe lists the statistics for most people are pretty grim. Less than 2% of many emails are ever even opened. Not for everybody though...

There are some very successful folks out there marketing products and services as well as MLM programs almost entirely using email marketing methods. Obviously these folks are getting their email messages open...

So what is the difference?

How do they do what so many cannot?

The answer must by it's very nature be centered on the emails Subject Line or Headline. The fact of the matter is that if your email is getting deleted without even being opened, the Subject Line just isn't doing it's job!

What is the job of the Subject Line? The only purpose it could possibly serve is to motivate the recipient to open and read your email message. If your emails don't get opened then there was simply not enough interest generated to motivate them to open the message. This is the "sale" of the Headline.

I highly effective Subject Line will jump out at your reader and tell them not just something about the topic of your email, but also that they will be missing out on something if they fail to read it immediately! Whether you are talking about information, income or even some sort of secret, they should feel like they can't possibly get it anyplace else...

It almost goes without saying that this kind of Subject Line needs to stand out from all of the others in the recipient's inbox, so using someone else's prewritten Headline that hundreds or thousands of others could be using is simply not an option. Originality is key!

You can easily prove this to yourself by thinking back to any recent major product launch. After the first barrage, did you open any of the duplicate emails you got in your own inbox? Of course not! Why would you? But I'll bet dollars to donuts that you opened some others about that launch that somehow motivated you with this very method. You thought you would be missing out if you didn't open that email...

Approach the product or service you are promoting from a different perspective than you see others doing. This is easier than it sounds if you do your homework on it. Find something about it that solves a problem that you yourself have faced, and exploit that. Let the Subject Line you write tell them this could be their last opportunity to solve this problem ever...

Another great tactic is to either tune into a controversy surrounding the topic, or too create one yourself. Statements like: "The Founder's Have Signed Affidavits Stating This Software Is 100% Legal!" This has been used before to great effect. Use you imagination and you will find dozens of possibilities. Anything that portrays the topic as cutting edge or radically different is highly effective and motivating.

If you succeed in getting across that your prospect will miss out on vital information by failing to read your message, your Subject Line will succeed and your email will get opened...

Jim Patterson

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Turnkey Websites & Website Templates - A Comparison

Turnkey Websites & Website Templates - A Comparison
By Jim Patterson

I am always getting emails after someone buys a package of Website Templates. Some people are expecting a lot more in the way of content when they buy a package of templates. This is the main difference between these Website Templates and Turnkey Websites. It bears going over though to avoid confusion.

A package of Websites Templates, or a single Website Template purchased usually has very little in the way of content included. It may or may not have graphics appropriate to a specific niche included. Some templates are quite generic in the way of graphics so that they can be used in a variety of niches. The expectation is that the template will be used to create a very unique website with content that you will supply yourself.

This is not to say that all Website Templates will be this devoid of content. There are shades between Website Templates and Turnkey Websites. The definitions I am using here are those used in the widest sense online. If you always assume that a template comes without content unless something additional is expressly stated, you will avoid being disappointed.

Having said that, I could name several websites selling Website Templates that do in fact have a fair amount of the necessary content included. The question you need to ask yourself is how widely is this template used. If it has been widely distributed, then the content may not be useful Search Engine fodder. Duplicate content is not desirable...

Turnkey Websites are another story completely. As the term Turnkey implies, you should have just a few editing chores to do and then the website should be ready to upload.

Turnkey Websites typically come with several avenues of monetization built into them, and monetization is a very good thing! Adsense, Clickbank and Amazon are typical monetization methods for Turnkey Sites, but more and more are including CPA programs and just about every other monetization technique imaginable.

Consider switching out any articles supplied for the same reasons given for Website Templates. You want to avoid duplicate content always. Customizing Turnkey Websites is something I do routinely as most high quality packages have been sold a few times, and I don't want people coming to my sites and leaving immediately because they think they've already visited it.

Regardless of whether you are looking at a package (or individual) of Templates or Turnkey Websites, be sure that you know what your purchase will and will not include. This will help you avoid getting into something beyond your own skillset, and ending up paying someone to handle technical challenges you weren't expecting.

Either way, you should also see what rights you have to modify these packages as well. Most do not come with PLR, so be careful about repackaging them. If you are allowed to repackage, it is sometimes advantageous to use the various components in a WordPress blog as this is the most versatile platform online for almost any purpose. In most cases however, you can make almost any changes you want and then you are totally free to sell the resulting website as long as it is already published to it's own domain.

Building your own Virtual Real Estate empire can be made simpler, quicker and cheaper using Website Templates as well as Turnkey Websites.

Jim Patterson

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Boost Your Article Marketing With Video Marketing

Boost Your Article Marketing With Video Marketing
By Jim Patterson

Article Marketing remains the best form of Traffic Generation available online. Publishing articles creates backlinks for the search engines. Your articles will also create traffic directly from the article directories, blogs and websites where your articles are posted. That doesn't mean there is nothing new in the Article Marketing arena!

I've recently posted information on my own Article Marketing process, and the services that I use. There are a few new products though that add another dimension to your Article Marketing efforts via Video Marketing...

And no, I'm not going to use this space to pitch any of these software titles at you, as most people just don't need them...

The concept behind this product deserves our attention though. The idea is to create a slideshow with appropriate (or innocuous) images to play behind a voice reading your article. This turns your article into a video!

Now you can use a free service like Tube Mogul or a paid service like Traffic Geyser to upload the resulting video to video sharing sites like YouTube and Metacafe. Search Engines index these sites almost continuously so the videos show up in a few short hours.

IMHO, the best use for these is to post a link back to the article itself at as this will help you boost the article's rank with Google. You post a link by putting the full url in the description box the very first thing. This will make it a live link on most video sharing sites. Remember to post your article's keywords as tags.

You can of course, upload to each of the video sharing sites manually, but this is time consuming. The free version of Tube Mogul gives you just over 150 uploads/month so you may want to pick just a few choice video sharing sites to use it on. I generally upload to about 5 or 6 video sharing sites for each video uploaded.

All you really need to create these videos is Windows Movie Maker which comes free on most computers today, and software to record your voice reading the article. I use Audacity along with a microphone I bought for about nine dollars for this. Audacity is free and quite easy to use. You should also use the same title on your video that was used on the article.

Now my own voice isn't exactly James Earl Jones but it does the job, and so will yours. Personally I prefer the sound of anyone's voice to an electronically generated one, so don't panic about this...

It generally takes a few days time for an article to get through the review process on Article Directories, so you have some time to get this together. After the first time or two, you'll be surprised at how fast you can get it done. The important thing is to make it a part of your Article Marketing routine.

The resulting videos have several uses:

  • Blog Posts

  • Squidoo Lens Modules

  • Website Content

  • Affiliate Product Promotion

  • Direct Traffic Generation (add your sites url to the slideshow)

With a little thought you can come up with a lot more ideas yourself.

This is a very useful tactic to add to your Article Marketing arsenal. You can do it completely free yourself as well. There really isn't any need for any software unless you are in a niche where a slicker production look is needed.

Try it for a month and I am sure you will be pleased with the results.

Jim Patterson

Article Marketing Tips and other Website Promotion methods are discussed further on my Internet Marketing Tools Blog

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High PR Backlinks - SEO Magic

High PR Backlinks - SEO Magic

By Jim Patterson

Only recently have I really enjoyed the kind of SEO success that you read about. The kind where people start writing ebooks feverishly in order to cash in before the next Google slap...

The kind where you start having visions of being able to retire to an island somewhere...

The fact of the matter is that the secret to amazing SEO success is no big secret at all. High PR Backlinks work every time. It's just a matter of finding enough of these and spending the time to post your links with your keywords or keyword phrases as anchor text.

The important thing is to make sure the links are posted in an area where they are Do Follow.

You will hear several myths about posting your backlinks that should be busted:

  1. The page you post the link to must have a High PageRank and not just the domain itself. If the sites homepage has a high PR, the SEO juice will pass to your site regardless of the PR of the page your link is on.

  2. You can't rank for keywords that your site doesn't have sufficient density for. Not true. If this were true, you wouldn't see any YouTube videos ranking for their tags. Just post enough of your links with anchor text and you will rank!

  3. Your backlinks must come from relevant sites or they are worthless. Google knows that links occur randomly. It's enough that the links are coming from High PR sites. They know that people have varied interests, so they are just looking for volume. The benefit you get from site relevancy is that people seeing the links are more likely to click.

  4. Sites on the first page of Google all have thousands of inbound links and it will take you years to catch up. Some do have thousands of backlinks, but you don't have to compete with that. You are just competing with those having the exact same keyword or keyword phrase as anchor text.

If you look for High PR Web 2.0 Community websites you will find a ton of places you can post your links. You will usually be posting them in your profile in a section with a heading something like "About Me". It does take some time to set these profiles up, as you should upload a profile pic and add some personal info to avoid being banned for link spam.

Pay particular attention to the sites that let you make blog posts. This is a great place to post articles and have no limit to the number of links per post. Again this will take some time investment, but the important thing is that these backlinks will last a long time, and so will your Google rankings!

Jim Patterson

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How to Budget For Internet Marketing Tools Services and Products

How to Budget For Internet Marketing Tools Services and Products

By Jim Patterson

Several years ago my father went into the retail shoe business by purchasing an existing shop from a man that had lost a ton of money gambling. He really lucky to know one of the best CPA's in the region. While he was setting up the company and accounts for his new venture, this genius of accounting sat my father down and shared a secret with him.

"John" he said
, "there is a very specific formula to ensure the success of any business, large of small and I want to share it with you now..."

My Dad was thrilled! Here was a man that had been involved in all sorts of businesses for his entire career, and he was about to share information with him that CEOs paid him big bucks for as a consultant! So he sat down, and pulled his chair up to the CPAs desk and got ready to take notes. This amazing businessman waited until my Dad was set, and was paying rapt attention to the word's of wisdom that he was about to impart. Then he said:

"John for any business to succeed THE INNIES MUST EXCEED THE OUTIES..."

And then he leaned back in his chair done with what he had to say.

If you haven't figured it out yet, you could bankrupt Halliburton buying all of the bells and whistles and chimes and foghorns available under the innocent little heading of Internet Marketing Tools. First last and always Internet Marketing is a business. In order to succeed in this business you have to make more cash than you spend. Yes: THE INNIES MUST EXCEED THE OUTIES!

There are enough educational programs out there selling in the neighborhood of two grand that you could spend more than your average salary just on those! A lot of the information found in these high priced courses can be found for free in forums and in online communities. Am I saying the information in these isn't worth the price you pay? No, but I am saying that it may not be a good idea to pay for these out of pocket until your online business is able to foot the bill.

Yep, what we are talking about here is budgeting the cash flow of your online business. You need to have a monthly budget written down that spells out exactly how much you pay for each of the expenses your online business has.

Mine has three sections. One of them for the expenses related to my websites themselves. The second one is for the Internet Marketing Tools and Advertising costs to promote those sites. And the last section is for educational expenses to expand my knowledge base and skillset.

Each item in the first two sections are fairly easy to justify financially. Some are fixed costs that you can't avoid, and others will either prove their worth monetarily or will fail to do so and can therefore be eliminated. It is frequently the last category that gets people in this business in trouble.

It is an excellent idea and just good business sense to invest in continuing education for whatever business you are in, and Internet Marketing is no different. What the most successful people in Internet Marketing do is to make this particular area of their budget limited to a specific percentage of their profits.

Please note that I specified profits, and not total receipts. This is an important distinction. If you don't know what your profit margins are, you need to learn this information and keep close track of it. Why?!

Why, to ensure that THE INNIES EXCEED THE OUTIES!!

Budgeting your Internet Marketing business expenses on a monthly basis is the only way to make sure that it succeeds.

Jim Patterson

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Setting The SEO Record Straight About High PR Backlinks

By Jim Patterson

With the escalating costs of PayPerClick Marketing, many people are turning back to SEO to supply them with traffic from the organic search engine results. At first the SEO arena seems to be so arcane and technical that they have little hope of achieving any significant results, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

The fact is that anyone can get real, lasting organic search engine results by building high pr backlinks with appropriate keywords or keyword phrases used as anchor text. You may have heard otherwise, so let's discuss a few of the reasons given to discourage the novice...

The site where the backlink is posted must be relevant to your site, or the value is very limited.

Google, as well as the rest of the search engines are aware that people with varied interests will want to link to your site. Nobody has any control over the way that backlinks spread across the internet. The fact is they want to see a wide array of backlinks from a wide variety of websites.

High PR Sites don't necessarily have High PR (PageRank) on the pages where your links appear so they carry little or no SEO "Juice".

The SEO Juice does in fact carry to interior pages. Web 2.0 Communities are some of the best sites to look for, and their profile pages may not carry the same PR as the root domain, but the juice is still there. Your results will show this. And again, the Community itself need not be relevant to your own website.

Google's own backlink checker will not show most of these backlinks, so they don't count in Google's results.

Google's backlink checker doesn't acknowledge most of the backlinks that their algorithm does, and the algorithm is all that matters, as it is what produces the organic SEO results. Try using the Yahoo! Site Explorer tool. It will also miss some but will give you a much clearer picture of how many backlinks are showing up in your sites as well as your competitors.

The sites that show up on Google's first page have thousands of backlinks, and there is no way to compete!

Some of them do have literally thousands of inbound links, but not all that many of them will be for the keywords you are working on. This is also where longtail keywords can help you. Do your keyword research carefully and you will find keyword phrases that you can compete on and get not just Google's first page, but the top spots...

The only spots that really mean anything are the top 3 on the first page, and what chance do I have of getting one of these?

If you approach them with a plan and consistently build your High PR Backlinks there is no reason you can't grab those top 3 spots for almost any keyword you choose. The long tail keyword phrases will come easiest and fastest, but don't give up on those highly sought after keywords the big dogs are sitting on, as they can be had with time and consistency.

You need lots of technical skill to build backlinks with anchor text and I don't even know any HTML at all...

Folks, I am the king of cut and paste. The only real code you need to build backlinks with anchor text is this: [a href=""]Your Keyword or Phrase[/a]

That's it! Just replace the [ ] symbols with < > and with the url you want the backlink for and Your Keyword or Phrase with whatever keyword, keyword phrase or long tail keyword you choose. Just grab this snippet of code and save it in NotePad or any other text editor.

As you can see, the common knowledge about building High PR Backlinks that discourages most from even trying isn't based on the reality of the situation. In fact it is designed to do exactly that: Discourage People!

Put together a list of the keywords and phrases you want to rank for and go start building those High PR Backlinks today! Good keyword research and consistency are really all you need to succeed.

Jim Patterson

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