Monday, March 24, 2008

What Web 2.0 Really Means...

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What Web 2.0 Really Means...

Call me slow, but it has finally hit me that amid all the
hoopla about Web 2.o; Social Bookmarking, Blogging,
and Networking sites like MySpace and Facebook that
it's all really about one thing:


Yeah, I know... Pretty obvious isn't it?

The only real way to benefit from the shift in emphasis that
encompasses what is known as Web 2.0 is to be integrally
involved in your market's online community. Through Social
Bookmarking of relevant sites, writing articles on pertinent
subjects, involvement in relevant forums, networking on Facebook
and yes... Blogging!

These are the ways that we will all gain influence, readers - and
thus traffic and thus revenue streams, and thus sales as well.

Nothing else will do!

I have fought this without realizing it for way too long, becoming
like Homer Simpson sitting in front of his computer and saying:

"Okay, send me money!"

None of this is to say that there is no need for marketing tools,
and there is no shortage of quality products available to overcome
the obstacles that anyone seeking to make a living online face.
None of them will alleviate the need for each of us to roll up our
sleeves, wade in and get involved in whatever niches we choose to
market to.

Frankly, I'm kind of relieved and for the first time in a while am
not at a loss as to how to start each day:

Just wade in...

Floyd Bogart

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