Friday, November 14, 2008

My New Squidoo Lens Titled Barack Obama Coin Using PotPieGirl's Methods

I've been studying the niche marketing methods on PotPieGirl's 6 Step Niche Sites WP Blog, and gotta say it all makes sense. I read through the 6 Steps to niche blog creation and decided that I would try it all out on a Squidoo lens first and see what happens...

So I did a litle keyword research and coupled that with a bit of affiliate product research and came up with a lens on the Barack Obama Coin products being offered by The New England Mint.

You can see the new lens here: President Elect Barack Obama Limited Edition Coins

Am following her directions (imperfectly of course) as well as I can and am looking forward to seeing the results. Will share them here soon...

Floyd Bogart

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