Friday, April 01, 2011

Easy Squeeze Pages - Create Squeeze Pages With Point & Click Ease

Easy Squeeze Pages on Squidoo:

Squeeze Pages have become a staple in internet marketing and it doesn't look like they are going anyplace soon!

At it's most basic, a squeeze page is any webpage with a relatively small or short message accompanied by a call to action like an opt-in box or in some cases even a Buy It Now button.

Recently more and more of these are Video Squeeze Pages where the short message is in the form of a video embedded to one side of the page, or sometimes even above the call to action.

During the past year I've noticed a trend toward much longer videos, and refinements such as delaying the appearance of the call to action item. These kinds of changes in the basic Squeeze Page formula don't really change the fact that at heart, most of these types of webpages are relatively simple, and extremely effective ways to market your own, or affiliate products and services.

Putting this type of page together has been something that many marketers wish they had access to in a quick and easy fashion, and there are some great products out there with templates. These are sometimes way too niche specific, needlessly complicated, or just plain expensive.

On this page I'll be showing you a very simple to use, easily customizable Squeeze Page creation tool that goes for just $7!!


Click here to get yours: Squeeze Pages

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Okay, now that you can turn them into Video Squeeze Pages get your backside over here: Squeeze Page Templates

That's it! Yep, you can even secure the page once you are done editing it. So click here now and get your for just 7 Bucks: Point and Click Squeeze Pages


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