Friday, December 22, 2006

EBay... Still A Great Place To Make A Living

There is probably more information available about making a living on EBay than almost anything else that you may come across in years of looking. This is not a coincidence.
It is because there are more people making a large income on EBay than anyplace else online.
That does not mean that it is easy!
There are also virtually hundreds of ways to make a significant income through online auctions. Having an executable strategy for your EBay ventures is probably even more important than promoting the right product(s).

List Building is another great benefit of EBay, but must be done properly or you will get you butt kicked off of EBay entirely! The only place that it is allowed to put a subscription form or even to show any ezine or newsletter information is in your profile. So by all means put it there, and do it prominently!

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