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BUM Marketing - How To Get Your Listings To Stick Like Glue

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Here is an article that I think will be useful to
all of you Article Marketers, and BUM Marketers
in particular...

Now if you are unfamiliar with the concept of Bum Marketing, then
before you try applying the following you should learn the basics here:

The Bum Marketing Method

And a useful PDF can be downloaded HERE

Now you can go ahead and learn about getting your listings to stick...

BUM Marketing - How To Get Your Listings To Stick Like Glue

If you have been using the Bum Marketing Method for any amount of time you
quickly realize that the key phrases you get listed for is brilliant only to go and
check back a few days later and find out that your listing can not be found!

In this post I am going to show you not how to stop this from happening as no-one
can control Google, but once it does happen and your listings drop exactly what to
do to get them back!

So let’s begin…

Article Writing

I assume if you are using the Bum Marketing method you must know about how
to write your articles so they get listed but here a few points that may help you
get them listed higher.

Firstly do your keywords research following the Bum Marketing Method, which you
should already know.

I search for keywords that get more than 30 searches a day and that have competition
of no more than 15,000 when put in quotes!

Here are a few quick pointers of how to get your article listed higher:

1. Always have the title as the key phrase – So if your key phrase was “Dog Training” your title should be “Dog Training – 7 Secrets The Pros Use” or something to that effect!

Always start your article with the key phrase, this is important because Google’s Spiders sometimes do not read through an entire page and it will get indexed faster.

Mention the key phrase about 2-3 times a paragraph depending on the size of the paragraph of course!

Most important in your author’s bio box make sure you mention the phrase again and also put an Anchor Link for the key phrase.

So you would have something like your author bio and then your call to action would be “To Find Out The One Real Secret Of Dog Training Click The Link Below”. The Anchor link is made like this:

Dog Training

 Obviously put your site instead of the URL above and it will make a link that
says “Dog Training” for people to click on!
 Follow those pointers above when writing your articles and you will see your
listings soar!
Now on to the main report on how to get your listings to stick to Google.
The main reason that Google removes articles and ads and you notice your work
there one day and gone the next is normally because you do not have enough
back links!
Here Is How To Get Your Listings And Articles To Stick to Google Like Super Glue!:
First off you can use this for any article or US Free Ads or Squidoo Lens that
you want to get back into the listings:
Step 1:
Go to Digg.comDigg is a social bookmarking site where people submit stories
and reports and is best used to get your articles bumped up or your squidoo
lens back in the listings.
Unfortunately you can not use Digg for US Free Ads but I will tell you how to do
that later…
So once you are at sign up for an account if you need one and then all
you need to do is submit a new story!
You can go Here to do this and the button is in the top right of Digg’s Homepage.

Enter the article or squidoo lens address into the box and click on submit.

Here all you do is enter a quick overview about what your article or squidoo lens is about. I have used the Dog Training example.

Also remember to lay it out as I have done in the screenshot above and use your key phrases a few times a paragraph.

Also note that Digg are quite strict on Spamming so do not over do it! You should be linking through to articles or squidoo lens with good content so you should not run into any problems!

Step 2:

Go to this is another social bookmarking service that enables you to post to multiple social bookmaking services all at once!

You can also use this one for your US Free Ads as well!

Once you get there you will need to click on the link that says “Start Using It Now” and create a username and password.

The first thing you need to do on this page is at the top where it has a link that says “Save Page (std)” you need to drag and drop this into your tool bar which is normally where the links are to Windows marketplace and so on.

Once you have done that you need to click on the links in the picture above and sign up for an account at each one. This is tedious I know but it will sky rocket your listings.

Then come back to this page above and enter your username and password in the boxes above and remember to click on “Save My Logins” at the bottom.

After you have done all that go back to the squidoo lens or article you submitted to digg and while on the page, Click on the Save page link that should now be in your toolbar.

This will take you through to a page similar to the one on digg and you should write you bookmark in much the same way.

With the key phrase as the title and the comments and notes using the key phrase a few times every paragraph!

After you have followed the steps above you should see your listing come back into Google within a few days, although most of the time it is a lot quicker!

If All Else Fails:

If you still can not see you’re listing after a couple of days go to

And submit a listing in exactly the same way as you write the bookmarks above into the small biz ads section on this page.

Also bear in mind that craigslist gets you indexed super fast although do not use the service more that once every 24 hours or they will just remove the listing.

If you are still not listing on Google at that point (you should be!) you should write an article containing the key phrase and submit it to and another article with the key phrase with different content to

That’s all there is too it!

I recommend following the steps above on your Bum Marketing listings that are making you money that suddenly drop, although you could use it for each of your articles and Squidoo lens if you wanted and totally dominate Google!

Floyd Bogart

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