Sunday, November 11, 2007

Everyday Webmaster Tools - Plus 171 Free Website Templates

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Everyday Webmaster Tools - Plus 171 Free Website Templates

A common question asked in forums is where to get certain tools, either for free or at a low cost. Just recently a group of tools that has actually been around for quite a while fell in my lap. Yes, this has been mentioned before, but frankly needs a bit more exposure for everyone to appreciate what all is available there.

Frankly, not many days go by without more than one of these getting used on my blogs, and sites. Look carefully at what is available here, and you will be impressed at what you find.

A case in point are the 171 Website Templates available in the suite of tools. There are also almost three times as many Website Templates available for a meager $19.95/year.

The banner below rotates, but will always take you to the entire Bravenet Suite of tools.

Tell me what you think in the comments section below.

The SitePal product is exceptionally cool. Am planning a couple of projects where it should work quite well. If you really don't think that any of this would be useful to you, then you are definitely in the minority.

Try it out!

After all it is Free!!

Floyd Bogart

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