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Keyword Rich Domain Names and PPC Marketing

Keyword Rich Domain Names and PPC Marketing

By Jim Patterson

The benefits of Keyword Rich Domain Names is obvious from several different standpoints. A domain name that tells you what the underlying site is about will do better with offline marketing efforts for obvious reasons. The benefits from an SEO standpoint are there, but somewhat limited to the keywords contained in the domain itself. The importance of the domain in PPC (PayPerClick) Marketing campaigns is becoming more clear every day.

Marketing products and services via PPC campaigns gets more competitive by the second, so any thing that lowers your cost per click is important. And raising your CTR (Click Through Rate) will lower your cost per click by raising your quality rating on Google. More and more of the PPC Gurus like Perry Marshall and Frank Kern are talking about the importance of the domain used in a PPC ad. Anything that gives that ad more credibility will raise the CTR, and there are really only three parts to any PPC ad.

  • The Headline
  • The Ad Text
  • The URL to Click

There is quite a bit of information available about addressing the first two, and not that much thought has been given to the last one until recently. Here are a few things to remember when choosing a domain name to use in PayPerClick Marketing Campaigns:

  • .com Extensions Are Preferable - No surprise here. A .com extension at the end of your domain name gives the impression of being a well established site or company. This is pretty much accepted, but I am finding that more and more of my domains with other extensions are doing well as the .com extensions with good keyword combinations get scarcer. I will always go with a .com domain name over others, but will take a domain with good keywords and another extension over any extensions without good keywords.
  • Capitalize the Keywords In Your PPC Ads - So is not as good as Split testing will bear out that you will just get more clicks this way. The difference can be more than a 300% increase in your Click Through Rate. Again, this will raise your Google Quality Score and therefore lower you cost per click.
  • Rush - As Keyword Rich Domain Names get more and more scarce, little tricks like this become more important. Throwing a www- in front of the keywords you want can give you more choices in the escalating Domain Name grab. Testing shows that there seems to be little effect on the positive affect that comes from having good keywords in your domain.

Using Keyword Rich Domain Names makes more and more sense when you examine the results regardless of what methods of marketing you use. Apply these tips and tricks and your results will show this. When your profitability can hang on a difference of just a few percentage points, it pays to grab any advantage you can find. Using Keyword Rich Domain Names makes more sense every day...

Jim Patterson

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