Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Google's Front Page - Don't Be Over Awed

Google's Front Page - Don't Be Over Awed
By Jim Patterson

I was doing a little research for an article or two on my favorite Internet Marketing Tool (Google) the other day when I noticed something rather encouraging to my own self image as an internet marketer and copywriter.

The articles I was researching were on SEO techniques and the keyword phrases I ran searches for returned some pretty large numbers of sites returned. And yet after I read every one of the results from the front page of one very competitive phrase, I only came across 3 valid ideas/techniques/instructions. My mind reeled:

How can this be! This is the front page of Freakin' Google!!

Most of these pages were simply what I call AdSense fodder. Rich in keywords and no doubt backlinked within an inch of its worthless life. When people don't find anything useful the site owner hopes they will click an ad or two. I make it a point NOT to click any links on what a site owner must know is a site full of useless words...

My point
(and yes I have one)
is this:

It takes more than a little effort to get your page to the front page of Google for competitive keywords and keyword phrases. I do so regularly using a combination of High PR Backlinks and Article Marketing. It takes time and effort but is accomplished without anything resembling magic or witchcraft. So if you are going to go to the trouble getting there:

Then please have something worthwhile to say on the topic!

There is zero reason to feel inadequate to the task of having relevant things to say. The results are in, and whatever you have to add to the discussion is well worth putting in writing as so much of what is getting to Google's front page is drivel!

An article outlining someone's failures would have been preferable to the vast majority of what I read exploring these SERPs. At least someone reading that would have been aided in their own elimination process. If you know nothing on a subject, research it and put down what you learn before going about the laborious work of posting backlinks with anchor text and writing articles to promote the page. You will shine!

Even if you build a blog with the intention of posting articles on a subject from an Article Directory to promote affiliate products or for AdSense income you can be selective about the quality of the articles you select and be head and shoulders above the competition in most cases.

The lesson to be learned here is that there is still a huge opportunity to present good quality content in pretty much any niche you choose and become an authority and a force to be reckoned with. Your blog or website can become an authority site!

We have all seen the posts, threads and articles preaching:

Create Content!

Create Content!

Create Content!

Well another word is needed here to make it:

Create Relevant Content!!

Create Relevant Content!!

Create Relevant Content!!

All it takes is the effort to be sure that your content delivers some form of relevancy on the keywords that you choose to promote.

So don't let yourself be over awed by the idea of your words being on the front page of Google.

I mean hey! Nobody else is...

Jim Patterson

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