Saturday, October 27, 2007

Content is King!

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This is probably not the first time
you have heard that statement:

Content is King!

It highlights a very important truth.
If you want people to visit your website
then there better be some reason for
them to do so.

That reason, in one way or another, is
always content.

Whether this is in the form of Articles,
Downloads, RSS Feeds
or whatever,
this constitutes Content.

Original Content
is the best of all
possibilities, but many people feel that
they are not up to the task of writing
their own copy of sufficient quality to
make it interesting.

Nothing could be farther from the truth!

Almost anyone can write with sufficient
clarity, style and above all brevity to make
their Blog Posts, Articles or Comments
understood as well as appreciated.

Online writing is frequently rife with misspellings
as well as poor grammar, but this should not be
taken as a license to ignore such things. A little
effort as well as a few tools can turn you into what
many will assume is a quite educated writer.

Take a look at the Free Dictionary tool
in the sidebar on the right.

Do not be fooled! This is much more than a
simple Dictionary. It will get you through
an almost endless set of writing dilemmas.
Go ahead and check it out thoroughly. The
possibilities are nearly limitless...

The code to post this on your blog or website
can be had without charge at Bravenet once you
have joined as a Free Member:

You will find the link to this and many other
writing resources in the backroom of this
site, with an amazing array of tools to assist
in your online marketing endeavors.

More Soon!

Floyd Bogart

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