Saturday, October 27, 2007


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Working online gives us so much in the
way of flexibility that it is easy to
miss the other side of that coin. Working
online can be addicting and steal back all
of that extra time that it creates for us.

Eventually we all realize that we
can't possibly do it all ourselves.
Hopefully coming to this realization
before our health,or family relationships
are compromised...

I have found that outsourcing frequently
increases my profitibility as opposed to
decreasing it as was previously supposed.

How can that be?

Well, using the time that would have been
spent coding to do things like Social Book-
Marking, or Article Writing and Submission
can create sales far above the cost of that
coding work.

For you the mix is probably at least a little
different as we all have varied strengths and
weaknesses. Designing websites is like root
canal but copywriting is a joy. Graphics work
again, not a first choice, but for you it may be
a favorite task...

You get the idea.

Once you identify those time stealers, and jobs
that are constantly put off, there are two ways
to go:

1. Put the needed time into that arena to both
become proficient, and thus usually start to enjoy
them. Or

2. Outsource these tasks to concentrate on what
you are best at.

If you opt for Outsourcing, your best resources
are to go the forums that you frequent and just
ask around for help. Many of them have sections
devoted to this.

On the other hand a very handy
place to go is Elance.

You can find just about anything you could
want there. From Copywriting to Article
Submission to Graphics Work to Site Design
to FTP Work...

You get the idea.

Having used several of the "Subcontractors"
at Elance it is easy to recommend this service
whole heartedly. Their interface couldn't be
easier to use. Simply post a job and choose
between offers. It will in all likelihood be far
cheaper than you had thought to Outsource
those dreaded tasks that all of us have.

Take a look toward the bottom of the right
hand sidebar for a feed of the Elance Blog.

There are other Outsourcing services
available online, but this is by far the
largest and therefore has a better chance
of filling your needs.

Just a little something to share
on a Saturday afternoon...

Floyd Bogart

Just came across the following Bog
that is all about Outsourcing:

Floyd Bogart

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