Tuesday, May 20, 2008

News Via Twitter - Is Everybody Missing The Point?

News Via Twitter - Is Everybody Missing The Point?

I have read several news items today referring
to the stories about people posting relevant and
important news to Twitter quicker than any
other medium had done.

Surprisingly, this is being mostly treated as a
gimmick, and with tongue firmly planted in
cheek. Take for example THIS ONE posted
by John Murrell at Good Morning Silicon Valley.

IMHO the point is not whether these Twitts beat
the conventional media to the punch, it is that here
we have one more way that news can, and is being
gotten out that is
not corporately controlled.

Over and over again we have seen that "our" news
media is actually not ours. It is controlled by the
large corporations that own them, and they clearly
have their own agendas which may or may not have
anything to do with keeping us fully informed.

So to be so glib as to say that these Twitter updates
allowed us just to feel "saddened and powerless
minutes sooner" is not just naive, but also quite

Do yourself a little favor and do a Google search for
"Net Neutrality" or even just a Digg Search and
educate yourself.

Think this has nothing to do with Social Marketing,
Internet Marketing or your business in general?

Well, if AT&T, Sprint and the rest of the telecom
giants get to control the content of the internet,
who's sites do you think will come down first?

MSN.com, or your blog?

That forum you created and nurtured with your
own hands, or Yahoo!

And don't think that they have to just out and out
ban certain types of sites to get rid of them. It is just
as easy to eliminate content by levying fees for their
customers to access your content to shut you down.

This is not an issue that is going to go away soon.

Hey if they can do this, before you know it they
can suspend your basic freedoms!

Oh yeah, they already did...

Rant over!

Floyd Bogart


Marc said...

Good post, I couldn't agree more!

If some of you still think that news reporting on twitter is a joke, go to twitter, and search for cnn. They have 6 twitter profiles in the first 20 search results. This suggests to me that they don't think it's a joke...

Cheers, marc

Sharon Bray-McPherson said...

Great post Floyd. Not only is the MSM using Twitter, but many name-brand companies are using it to keep customers informed and address customer service issues. I would say that shows Twitter is more than just a passing "fad" for the tween crowd.

I'll be Digging and Tweeting this post.

Sharon Bray-McPherson
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ShirleyJohn said...

Yes Floyd. You are correct. It is another way that corporate America is trying to keep us in the dark. No thank you. I will continue to read and post on Twitter and Digg. Keep up the great writing. Love your posts.

Diane said...

Great information. Keep it coming! You are providing insightful information to all of us.
In gratitude,

Greg said...

Hey, good article. The MSM is being kicked in the pants by the alternative media, from Limbaugh to Digg to Twitter. Their stocks are in the dumps and their circulations are sinking. Fox is the one of the few in good shape.

As for the other topic, I looked into Net Neutrality and consider it to be an extremely poor idea. I don't think we'd like the results if that farce was actually implemented.