Thursday, May 01, 2008

Overcoming Your Inner Technophobe While Social Marketing

Everything You Know About SEO... Is Dead Wrong!

Overcoming Your Inner Technophobe While Social Marketing

For many folks that have a sincere desire to
make their living online through Social Marketing
the technical side of this seems insurmountable
at first.

I am among those...

Until recently, I was outsourcing almost anything
to do with site design, maintenance, FTP work...

Why do I say until recently?

Well, I finally bit the bullet, buckled down and
started slogging through the work of learning
the technical side of this business.

This is not to say that I will not still avail
myself of outsourcing sources such as eLance
and RentACoder as outsourcing is an important
tool for us all. The point is that in a pinch it is
vital to be able to handle some basic technical
chores to stay abreast of our Social Marketing

In spite of the fact that this particular blog uses
blogger, WordPress is really the best and most
versatile platform to use for Social Marketing
Blogging. Again, many resist using a WordPress
platform out of fear of the technical aspects of
setting it up, uploading an appropriate theme
and thenchoosing and using the right plugins.

Fact is there are a ton of resources out there to
make this learning process just about painless.

Rosalind Gardner, the "Queen" of Affiliate
Marketing has set up the Blog Classroom,
and it is a fantastic learning tool for this

The only way to overcome any phobia is
to face it... Head on!

I address this now as some of my readers
have begun reading the Social Linking
BlackBook 2008 (get it at the top of the
right-hand sidebar) and immediately were
put off by the technical nature of some of
the information.

Dive in without fear. This information is
really not beyond the abilities of even the
most technically challenged. Everything
is spelled out simply and concisely.

Get in there and wade through it.

You'll profit in many ways...

Floyd Bogart

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