Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Email Marketing - Why Most of Your Emails Never Even Get Opened

Email Marketing - Why Most of Your Emails Never Even Get Opened
By Jim Patterson

If you read anything about email marketing in forums these days you will probably come across a lot of people that are under the impression that marketing your products and services through any of the forms of email marketing has lost all effectiveness.

Whether you publish a newsletter or ezine, use email or ad blasters or publish your emails to safe lists the statistics for most people are pretty grim. Less than 2% of many emails are ever even opened. Not for everybody though...

There are some very successful folks out there marketing products and services as well as MLM programs almost entirely using email marketing methods. Obviously these folks are getting their email messages open...

So what is the difference?

How do they do what so many cannot?

The answer must by it's very nature be centered on the emails Subject Line or Headline. The fact of the matter is that if your email is getting deleted without even being opened, the Subject Line just isn't doing it's job!

What is the job of the Subject Line? The only purpose it could possibly serve is to motivate the recipient to open and read your email message. If your emails don't get opened then there was simply not enough interest generated to motivate them to open the message. This is the "sale" of the Headline.

I highly effective Subject Line will jump out at your reader and tell them not just something about the topic of your email, but also that they will be missing out on something if they fail to read it immediately! Whether you are talking about information, income or even some sort of secret, they should feel like they can't possibly get it anyplace else...

It almost goes without saying that this kind of Subject Line needs to stand out from all of the others in the recipient's inbox, so using someone else's prewritten Headline that hundreds or thousands of others could be using is simply not an option. Originality is key!

You can easily prove this to yourself by thinking back to any recent major product launch. After the first barrage, did you open any of the duplicate emails you got in your own inbox? Of course not! Why would you? But I'll bet dollars to donuts that you opened some others about that launch that somehow motivated you with this very method. You thought you would be missing out if you didn't open that email...

Approach the product or service you are promoting from a different perspective than you see others doing. This is easier than it sounds if you do your homework on it. Find something about it that solves a problem that you yourself have faced, and exploit that. Let the Subject Line you write tell them this could be their last opportunity to solve this problem ever...

Another great tactic is to either tune into a controversy surrounding the topic, or too create one yourself. Statements like: "The Founder's Have Signed Affidavits Stating This Software Is 100% Legal!" This has been used before to great effect. Use you imagination and you will find dozens of possibilities. Anything that portrays the topic as cutting edge or radically different is highly effective and motivating.

If you succeed in getting across that your prospect will miss out on vital information by failing to read your message, your Subject Line will succeed and your email will get opened...

Jim Patterson

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