Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Setting The SEO Record Straight About High PR Backlinks

By Jim Patterson

With the escalating costs of PayPerClick Marketing, many people are turning back to SEO to supply them with traffic from the organic search engine results. At first the SEO arena seems to be so arcane and technical that they have little hope of achieving any significant results, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

The fact is that anyone can get real, lasting organic search engine results by building high pr backlinks with appropriate keywords or keyword phrases used as anchor text. You may have heard otherwise, so let's discuss a few of the reasons given to discourage the novice...

The site where the backlink is posted must be relevant to your site, or the value is very limited.

Google, as well as the rest of the search engines are aware that people with varied interests will want to link to your site. Nobody has any control over the way that backlinks spread across the internet. The fact is they want to see a wide array of backlinks from a wide variety of websites.

High PR Sites don't necessarily have High PR (PageRank) on the pages where your links appear so they carry little or no SEO "Juice".

The SEO Juice does in fact carry to interior pages. Web 2.0 Communities are some of the best sites to look for, and their profile pages may not carry the same PR as the root domain, but the juice is still there. Your results will show this. And again, the Community itself need not be relevant to your own website.

Google's own backlink checker will not show most of these backlinks, so they don't count in Google's results.

Google's backlink checker doesn't acknowledge most of the backlinks that their algorithm does, and the algorithm is all that matters, as it is what produces the organic SEO results. Try using the Yahoo! Site Explorer tool. It will also miss some but will give you a much clearer picture of how many backlinks are showing up in your sites as well as your competitors.

The sites that show up on Google's first page have thousands of backlinks, and there is no way to compete!

Some of them do have literally thousands of inbound links, but not all that many of them will be for the keywords you are working on. This is also where longtail keywords can help you. Do your keyword research carefully and you will find keyword phrases that you can compete on and get not just Google's first page, but the top spots...

The only spots that really mean anything are the top 3 on the first page, and what chance do I have of getting one of these?

If you approach them with a plan and consistently build your High PR Backlinks there is no reason you can't grab those top 3 spots for almost any keyword you choose. The long tail keyword phrases will come easiest and fastest, but don't give up on those highly sought after keywords the big dogs are sitting on, as they can be had with time and consistency.

You need lots of technical skill to build backlinks with anchor text and I don't even know any HTML at all...

Folks, I am the king of cut and paste. The only real code you need to build backlinks with anchor text is this: [a href="http://yourdomain.com"]Your Keyword or Phrase[/a]

That's it! Just replace the [ ] symbols with < > and yourdomain.com with the url you want the backlink for and Your Keyword or Phrase with whatever keyword, keyword phrase or long tail keyword you choose. Just grab this snippet of code and save it in NotePad or any other text editor.

As you can see, the common knowledge about building High PR Backlinks that discourages most from even trying isn't based on the reality of the situation. In fact it is designed to do exactly that: Discourage People!

Put together a list of the keywords and phrases you want to rank for and go start building those High PR Backlinks today! Good keyword research and consistency are really all you need to succeed.

Jim Patterson

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