Saturday, October 28, 2006

Blog Blog and Blog Some More!

In spite of what some doomsayers are stating about the current Blogging environment, there are still significant numbers of people making high incomes from this very lucrative method. Not without the proper tools though!

If you are new to Blogging, then you need a basic primer. In my opinion there is no better introduction to Blogging than Rob Benwell's Blogging To The Bank!

This product has what the beginner needs, as well as a lot that Intermediate Bloggers will benefit from. On the other hand the Advanced Blogger need not purchase this product.
But again, Click Here! if you are unfamiliar with the product. You will be glad you did.

Advanced Tools:

The following tools are of indisputed value to anyone trying to make their living in the Blogosphere. I will not spend a lot of time reviewing them for you as these are the pre-eminent products in the field and need no introduction from me.

Let's start with VooDoo Blogger . This is one powerful piece of software:

Download the Demo Version now at zero Charge:

Click Here

As Promised:

Have you ever been in a position where you just needed to ping some sites and pages, only to find that there was no software available to allow it?
Think about this.... You go to a blog that is owned by someone else, and that blog has a high pagerank, so you know that you are going to get some serious juice because you posted there.
Now, you make your post, but you don't have any way to let the various engines know that you were there, so how will they know to come and check it out?
Well, you could just wait.... Days, weeks, and sometimes months for the spiders to get around to finding that blog page that you posted on. OR, you could simply ping that blog yourself and get those spiders there immediately!

PingSlinger is the answer! And there is absolutely no cost for you to get this powerful software. But:

Let's take it a step further.... You just created a ton of blogs using VooDooBlogger, and you just made a ton of posts to other peoples blogs using WordPressBlogger... You definitely want to get the spiders to all of your own blogs, as well as to all of those other peoples blogs as quickly as possible.
Lets face it, creating blogs is a great way to get backlinks, and posting on other peoples blogs is a powerful way to get backlinks, and backlinks determine where you will ultimately be placed in the search engines... BUT until you have spiders crawling all over the place finding those fresh backlinks of yours, they mean nothing.
The PingSlinger will fully automate this task for you.... Very fast, very easy, very effective.
Imagine... Load a list of urls that you have posted your backlinks in..... Click a button... Know with 100% confidence that within a few minutes you will have spiders in a frenzy cataloging all of those brand new backlinks that you have published!

I am only aware of three software programs that put this raw power in your hands...
One of them costs $297 ... And isn't in the least bit reliable.

One of them is free... But it is so slow that you could have grandchildren before it actually finishes pinging even a standard list of a couple of hundred urls.

One of them is PingSlinger... And is the most powerful tool of it's type on the Net!
Want an example of the power of this software?

I can take a site that has been registered only minutes ago and then spend 20 minutes using VooDooBlogger to create blogs and backlinks to support the newly registered domain... Then run the PingSlinger.
Usually, in less than 43 minutes of registering the new domain, I will have a herd of spiders crawling the site... And within 48 hours, that brand new site (with or without any content of it's own) will be listed in every single search engine... Including Google. -- Impressive to say the least! --

Now, as the owner was considering what to charge to make this powerful tool available to other marketers who MUST get their sites spidered, indexed and listed in the search engines as quickly as possible, he began to research...

What was found almost knocked him out! There is an entire niche industry out there where an internet newbie (someone new to the internet and marketing) pays you to get their site spidered, indexed and listed quickly.

Astounding! .... These people are paying up to $200 for a guarantee of getting their site spidered, indexed and listed in 7 days (WOW).... He also found them as low as $19.95... for the same 7 day turn around, but with the unspoken promise of around 48 hours.... This is just amazing.

As he read all of this, he had two thoughts crowding his mind... one was to open a service himself since people were willing to pay for something so easily attained, and the other was to simply open some doors for a few more people.

He opted to open some doors :-) .... What doors? Well, how about this.... How would you like to own a business where you charge people to get their site spidered, indexed and listed? You would have happy clients 100% of the time. Or, maybe you happen to be one of those people who have been paying a service to do this simple little deed for you... How would you like to spend just a few minutes and do it for yourself.... as often as you like?

Let me just jump to the bottom line here.... He decided not to sell this powerful and truly unique software. Instead, he will just give it to you.
Yes, GIVE IT TO YOU. No strings attached. No payment required, No money changing hands... Nothing.

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