Monday, October 23, 2006

Traffic Sources

Whatever type of online business each of us has, there is one common need:

There is probably more information out there on how to produce traffic to your sites than there is about any other topic on Internet Marketing. Almost anyone will tell you that the myriad of services out there offering to sell you blocks of traffic are a waste of money. Don't get me wrong, there are valid and useful reasons to purchase traffic, they just have litle or nothing to do with making direct sales.
I will share a few of the things that have worked the best for me in this regard.
1. The one that I have been using the longest, is a Traffic Exchange. No I am not going to tell you to get a traffic rotating browser and to join 25 different Traffic surf sites. I would recommend that you join just one of these: Traffic Swarm
Frankly one of the reasons that it works better than the rest is that it doesn't work all that well with the traffic rotating browsers. Just think about it: If all of those sites are being viewed primarily by bots(nobody really sees the sites) then what is the point. This is also one of the only exchanges that I feel the Pro option is worth it. Get the Free membership(everyone should be in this one) and then upgrade once you see some results.

2. You have also probably seen quite a few Toolbar programs that make some pretty outlandish claims. Again, I have only found one that seems to work for me. That one is InstantBuzz .
Lots of promotional tools to utilize, and several streams of income built in. Check this out and again, join for Free and once you make some dough, upgrade.

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3. I have saved what is probably the single most important method for last, as it will bring the highest quality traffic to your site that you can get. Many of you will dread hearing this, but it has to be said:
Writing your own Articles and submiting them to Directories is hands down the best way to get your site in front of the right eyes will not only get you visitors, it will get you visitors that are interested in your niche. Of course this assumes that you write articles about that niche! If you do, however your visitors will be interested in your site, and already be impressed with your knowledge of the topic and therefore ready to buy!
The next question is how to get your article in front of the right kind of readers. The answer is a litle bit of software that will submit your articles quickly and easily to Directories. My favorite is Article Submitter. It isn't expensive, and has a two tiered affiliate system to boot. So buy it from your self. Sign up to be an affiliate Click Here .
Then go to your affiliate backroom and get your affiliate code for Article Submitter.
Or just click on my banner below:

Now just a few words about writing your articles.

You cannot simply write a sales letter. You need to write an article that will provide useful content for the readers of a potential webmasters site. There are a ton of folks out there looking for pertinent, quality content. The point is to give them information that will show your usefulness to them. The payoff for you is in just one place: The Author's Resource Box.

Here is what should be in this box: The Author's Name, followed by One URL.

Nothing else! This is the best way to get results from your articles. It is low key, and it is subtle, but it works.

I will be supplying more ways for you to get traffic to whatever type of site you are promoting, but want to keep this one simple. These three, and the associated things you will find within them, are great ways to get started, and will work for you ongoing.

Have Fun!


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