Monday, October 23, 2006

Do You Buy Leads?

This topic has been posted in so many forums that I have lost count.

Many do, and successfully so. I have bought leads and had them be worthless, and bought leads and made a bundle. Frankly, it is not the primary source of business for any of my online businesses. The longer I am in business though, the more I like to have several sources of customers, signups or subscribers. So Leads from a good source will remain a part of my business plan for some time.

As long as that is the case I will
continue to use these guys:

The name of this resource is SimplerLeads
and I have found them to be great to deal with.

They have a FREE Option as well as a killer tiered affiliate program.
What this means is that before you sign up you should join the affiliate program
so that you can make a commission on your own sale, thus getting your leads
at a substantial discount. But if you don't become an affiliate before you even
join as a FREE Member, then you will lose out on this opportunity.

Do it all now! You have nothing to lose!


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