Thursday, October 05, 2006

Using Blogs To Make Money

Blogs Will Make Money For You
This is patently true! There are so many ways to use a blog to make money that it boggles the mind. Being a raging Techno-Phobe I use Blogger Blogs exclusively, because I find them so easy to use. I know precious little in the way of HTML and frankly haven't had the time to learn more. I find that Blogger is so popular that I can find solutions to the various hurdles I have come across using very simple Google searches. Many will tell you that Blogger has some problems, and Google(which owns Blogger) has made choices that will limit your blog's usage. I have found ways around every single "limitation" that Blogger imposes...

That said, there is one thing that every blog needs and that is content! There are many many ways to get content for your blog:

1. Write it yourself! I do this quite a bit (look at my blogs). This is why you should pick topics for your blogs that appeal to you, and/or you already have knowledge of. This way you are either writing about something that you already know, or are researching something that interests you so that you can write about it.

2. Check out Article Directories. These are treasure troves of information on every topic that you can imagine. Use these when you simply cannot write the articles yourself, or when you need to for a sub-topic within the topic of your blog.

3. RSS Feeds. Again this is something that I use regularly. An RSS Feed is simply something that will dynamically post information from another site to your own site (or blog in this case). Many will tell you that Blogger will not work with RSS, and this is technically true. But there is a way around this. I am not going to go into the technical side of why this is, just the solution. Go here:

This site will convert the url for an RSS feed into
usable HTML code to put in your Blogger post.

To get RSS Feed urls just go to Google and search for your topic and "RSS Feed". One note about this. When you put the code into your Blogger post and then click the button to post the info, you will get an error message that there is a problem with your HTML. Just check the box that says not to show this box, and the code will both post and work.

There are an almost infinite number of sources of information to post on your blog. Just be sure to credit the source of your information, and when you post someone else's work, it is a good idea to write a small blurb telling your thoughts on the information. A little CYA if you know what I mean...

Okay, I was going to give a bit more info on Blogger blogging,
but will start a new post for it.


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