Thursday, October 05, 2006


Sources of Blogging Income

There are many ways to make money with your blog. Let's go over a few of these:

1. AdSense. This is a Google based program that allows you to cash in on the traffic that your blog generates. You place a bit of code in the tamplate section of your Blogger blog and when someone clicks on one of the ads (which are relevant to your content) you share in the income that Google receives as a result of that click. Your Blogger backroom has easily carried out instructions to apply for an AdSense account, and step by step instructions to get the HTML code for your template.

2. We have discussed and frankly I think this is one of the best to start with:

Another one that every serious internet marketer should be using is ClickBank. They have what is arguably the largest collection of information products out there, and they pay twice monthly and very reliably. I have never missed a check, and have confidence in their professionalism:

There are tons of these out there, and you can easily find them by searching Google for a topic followed by "affiliate program".

3. Your own Product and/or Service. Whether this is a that you are involved in, or a service that you provide, such as selling Health Insurance this can and should be a part of your Blogging Income plan.

4. You can also sell advertizing space on your blog. This should only be attempted once your blog is getting sufficient traffic to warant the cost to your advertizer.

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