Saturday, April 19, 2008

Article Marketing - Nothing To Be Afraid Of

Article Marketing - Nothing To Be Afraid Of

My own first foray into the world of Article Marketing
was fraught with anxiety, and needlessly so.

The idea of publishing articles alongside the Internet
Gurus that I had learned from made Article Marketing
seem like I was assuming way too much about my own

So I did what many did and rounded up a bunch of PLR
stuff and spun the content, and voila'! I was an Article

Of course I didn't get the results that I'd read about in
all of the reports and ebooks on Article Marketing I had
read either.

That was then, and this is now...

Article Marketing is something that anyone endeavoring
to make an online income needs to be doing. Maybe our
words are not as noteworthy as a Mike Filsaime's or an
Alex Mandossian's but they have an inherent value that
cannot be ignored.

Why is that?

When you put your own experience into words, that has
a power that can be gotten no other way. Marketing
with Articles that contain your own struggles, victories
and yes even your defeats will motivate people to look
at your sites because they are real.

If you think that your grammar or punctuation are not
up to par, and that will make your articles look less
professional, then write them in Word and watch the
prompts. Your Articles will look sufficiently professional
to get visitors to your sites.

It is also not really necessary to submit your Articles to
hundreds of Article Directories. In most cases I just
submit to This is the most widely
accessed Article Directory by far, so it's reach is sufficient.

Okay, if you really want to use more of a shotgun
approach you can get your Article submitted to over 600
Article Directories at

Article Marketing allows you to build traffic, links back to
your site, and a reputation as someone to listen to in
your market.

Article Marketing is a vital part of your Web 2.0 activities.

Article Marketing builds links back to your blog, website,
Squidoo Lens, HubPage or any other webpage you are

Article Marketing builds your reputation within the online
community of your niche.

Article Marketing is something you need to begin doing

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