Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Social Marketing, cPanel Upgrade or Whatever - Slow Down and Read

Social Marketing, cPanel Upgrade or Whatever - Slow Down and Read

I am as guilty as anyone of this, but will rant
for a while anyway, as this is a problem that
many have.

We get so busy that we forget to take the time
to be sure we know the best (or even sometimes
just the basic) ways to do the things that we take
for granted as basic tasks.

I got thrown for a loop today by something as
simple as the new cPanel upgrade. Not really a
big deal, but when you are a SemiLiterate
Marketing Thug with emphasis on the SemiLiterate
for technical stuff, it seems like a really big deal...

I was so focused on some changes to be made to
one of my Thank You Pages, that it took me quite
a few minutes to stop, take a breath and just look
around. Once I did, I found that I could still use
the old File Manager by selecting Legacy File

Once I took the time to look around I found that
I like the upgrade. I like the wysiwyg HTML
editor. Lots to appreciate, and I got the changes
to my page made far quicker because I took the
time to just breathe... Read... and Implement.

Seems basic huh?!

But I'll bet you do it too.

I have folders full of information that can make
my work easier, more effective, and even more

Case in point:

I do a lot of Social Bookmarking, as well as other
forms of Social Marketing almost continuously as
an integral part of blogging, articlemarketing and
a host of other online endeavors.

As a result of my experience with the cPanel upgrade
I took the time to start reading this report:

Social Linking BlackBook

Grab it. No cost, but read it right away, as you will
no doubt save yourself time, as well as get more out
of your efforts by implementing what you learn.

Overall what I want you to take away from this post
is to slow down a bit and make sure that you utilize
the resources at your disposal.

You will get more done, with more ease, and get far
more results from almost whatever you do...

Floyd Bogart

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