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Best Bang for Your Buck Advertising-Not

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Best Bang for Your Buck Advertising-Not

The following is a canned review for SpinSuccess,
which purports to be an SEO service that will get
you traffic, signups and sales for just $29.95/month.

Their ads are all over the place. I have gotten emails,
PMs in forums, seen them in sig files and even had a
close IM friend give them a thumbs up (turns out he
believed another friends endorsement).

The fact of the matter is, you can never find these
that are getting all of these great results.
The two PPC
ad networks that they give you
"$100/month in Free
Credits" for have so little
traffic to sell you that their
own search feature
shows that the term "PPC" has no
searches and
"Pay Per Click" just has 3.

Sorry guys, this one is a pass:

Okay, you have created an affiliate website and are
all set to generate your additional income from there.
But hang on – only half the job is done so far!

In order to create an all new success story in affiliate
marketing what you need is successful and consistent
traffic generation to your website.

This is not a thing of less import, because unless and
until you get success in driving in your prospects to
your website, you can rest assured that no one is going
to know about the products and services you have at

This becomes even truer in the most competitive
scenario of today, where there are millions upon
millions of other contenders of your cause.

Search engine submission services, like the most
effective SpinSuccess, comes to your rescue here.

They not only pioneer in delivering you the best search
engine optimization services but also guarantee regular
search engine submission at the most valued search
engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo!.

Their team consists of expert Internet marketing
professionals with a cumulated experience of over
30 years in marketing and research, ensuring you
never-before services in delivering you over your

They will hand submit your website to the search
engines stated above along with auto-submitting the
same in over100,000 other search engines, equipped
to generate millions of traffic units only for your

It is a grand success story with masters like SpinSuccess
with you, where you can never tire counting the amount
of real money generated from your website.

Their services include a complete extensive analysis and
review of your website and monthly reports and updates
regarding the submission status of your website to the
search engines.

Their 24/7 customer support system is always prepared
to assist you with no additional charges. They also offer
you $200 worth pay-per-click fund that is not only free
but also replenishable when needed.

Their overall services include full website reviewing,
hand and auto-submission to all the search engines,
monthly account updating and complete technical
support, free GoodKeyword Pro copy, $100 each credit
with pay-per-click search engines like

You get all these and more – services combines worth
no less than $700 – with SpinSuccess at the most
humble price of $29.95 as monthly membership
subscription charges for a limited period.

They also offer you a 7 night vacation for the two of
you with more than 1000 breathtaking destinations
to select from.

The primary motto of the SpinSuccess team is to ensure
your one hundred percent satisfaction and pleasure.
They are definitely the most effective advertising for the
price they charge, with the guarantee of rating your
website among the top ten rankers in any search result.

This increases your visibility to your prospects and makes
it a lot easier on their part to hunt you out. More than
90% of people find what they are looking for through the
search engines.

The SpinSuccess team understands this and delivers you
the services that will never fail you. Do not believe it?

Just take a look at what their customers
have to say about them.

Visit SpinSuccess today to increase
your traffic and sign-ups:

Spin Success

Again: Pass on this one friends...

Floyd Bogart

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