Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Traffic Just Keeps Increasing

The Traffic Just Keeps Increasing

My regular readers, followers, Digg friends and other
assorted Web 2.0 cohorts have already been exposed
to this information so I'll try to be brief...

Use Russell Brunson's LinkBrander in
conjunction with
an HTML Cloaker or
you are missing out on traffic.

More and more of my activities online are creating
traffic for me without my having to think about it
or even do anything extra just because of this little

And it's FREE! Even to Upgrade to Premium!!
(I know, I know. Enough with the exclamation points.)

For those not yet familiar with the process here it is:

1. Run your affiliate links, your blog post urls and
any other web address that you promote through
Russell Brunson's LinkBrander.

2. Run the resulting link through whatever HTML
Cloaking software you are using.
(If you don't have anything, then use mine here
at no cost whatsoever)

3. Cut and paste the resulting piece of code into
a text document like Notepad and "save as"
a .html file.

4. Upload to your server so that your resulting
url looks something like:

5. Use these urls whereever and whenever you
are promoting that site, blog, program or

6. Also use these urls to access the programs
themselves. (I use the url in Step 4 to access
LinkBrander and get ad credits for just going
in to create new branded urls)

I know that this program works, as I have made
three purchases this week myself because of the
text ads at the bottom of my own urls.

The beauty of this whole thing IMHO is that your
traffic begets more traffic begets more traffic...

It's not just viral it's circular, if you get what I mean.

Most of the time now as I am working I have a tab
opened to LinkBrander and another to my Cloaker.

Okay, so I wasn't brief. But hopefully enough of you
will get the point now that this is really something
that we all need to be doing as a matter of course.

Don't make me come back and say this again!

Floyd Bogart


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