Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Social Marketing Video Slumgullion - A Mixed Web 2.0 Bag

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Social Marketing Video Slumgullion - A Mixed Web 2.0 Bag

My Web 2.0 perspective gets wider constantly.

This post will hopefully open your eyes to an ever
expanding world of Social Marketing opportunities.

Slumgullion was a dish that my Dad used to make
for out family on the few occassions when he cooked
for us. His description of what Slumgullion is was
simply that it was a vibrant mixture of whatever
inspired him at that moment.

Which is exactly what the following videos are...

Watch them and I guarantee your outlook will
expand and expose you to a multitude of new
and exciting Web 2.0 and Social Marketing
ideas, products, projects...

You get the idea!

Let's start with a mind-blowing overview of
just what this whole Web 2.0 experience is:

While your mind is still reeling, and you
ask yourself how we fell down this rabbit
hole, watch this:

This is what it is all about. Whether you
call it Web 2.0 or Social Marketing or even
Slumgullion, that tag line is appropriate:

"The audience is up to something..."

Now watch and listen to seth Godin, author
Meatball Sunday and founder of Squidoo,
as he talks Marketing. When Seth talks
marketing, anyone that markets, listens:

So now ask yourself:

What is my Purple Cow?"

Here is one company's:

Nothing will ever be the same in the
marketing world again. Web 2.0 means
that to a greater extent than anyone
would have thought possible, the market
is now in a greater position of control
than ever.

For the first time,
the dog is wagging
the tail, and not the other way around.

The winners of the Web 2.0 - Social
Marketing game will be those that work
with the flow and respond to that market.

By definition, the only way to respond to
anything or anyone is to be a part of the
conversation. Will you be?

These guys found a way to be:

Being a part of the conversation means
speaking in the language it is taking
place in. YouTube, MySpace, FaceBook,
blogging, social bookmarking and forum
posting are all parts of that language.

Now, take your purple cow, and translate
it into that language!

Floyd Bogart

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