Saturday, April 05, 2008

Review of Viral EBook Explosion

Review of Viral EBook Explosion

In spite of my best laid plans, much of what I
had scheduled to accomplish this week; life did
in fact prevent me from getting to the bulk of
these projects.

Between a death in the family, one broken digit
and a multitude of less major emergencies, my
keyboard time was almost non-existent.

Wait a minute though...

What are all of these emails about?

Yep! Sales kept happening, and fungolas kept
flowing into my accounts...

Aah yes. This is why we all got onto this treadmill
to begin with. Recurring & residual income ROCK!

So I will satisfy my desire to salvage something
from this week by giving you all a little review of
Jeff Dedrick's Viral EBook Explosion

This is another "Butterfly Marketing" style program
that offers Rebrandable EBooks, as a "Free" offering
and then proceeds to tempt you with an OTO (that's
a "One Time Offer") and then a monthly option as
well. I frequently go "Free" on these types of offers
as I plan to promote them more than use the products
but something made me pull that buy lever...

Cowabunga! Am I glad I did...

This one will take a while to implement, but is
worth the time and trouble to do so.

The first thing I noticed in the backroom was the wide
variety of promotional materials. Banners, graphics,
articles, Thank You pages videos...

Again it will take a while to get through it all and
decide when and where you want to deploy this
bounty of marketing tools. You will be happy to
say the least.

If I have to say something negative about this program
it would be that there really may be just so much there
that people will get analysis paralysis trying to decide
exactly where to start.

I found all to be well organized, and the interfaces very
self explanatory. It isn't dumbed down by any means,
but doesn't assume too much either.

There are a few bugs here and there, but Jeff has a killer
help desk set up and his skilled staff helped me through
the one thing I couldn't muddle through myself.

If I was only going to purchase one program to promote
and implement this year, then this would be in the top 3
I would choose from.

Yep! You should check this out:

Jeff Dedrick's Viral EBook Explosion

You're really going to be blown away, as I've really only
skimmed the surface of all this has to offer...


Floyd Bogart

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