Saturday, April 26, 2008

Launching Your Own Product - A Necessary IM Step

Launching Your Own Product - A Necessary IM Step

At some point this is a step that you can and should
take. Even if you see yourself as primarily someone
that is engaged in affiliate marketing, having your
own products will make it possible for you to engage
in internet marketing and social marketing in manners
that just aren't possible any other way.

This is nothing to be scared about. Just another step
in the direction that we all are taking. In all likelihood
your first product will by one that comes from PLR
packages. Here is one of mine:

Blog Spider Pro

This is a great piece of software that is quite easy to
install and use that will do exactly what it says it will:

Create self-generating websites.

It has a great pricepoint at $17.00 and I am promoting
it through PayDotCom.

You can promote Blog Spider Pro by signing up HERE,
and make 50% of the sales price (less fees).

Why am I doing this?

Well, beyond the obvious profit that I can make from
selling the product I will also be able to interact with
other Affiliate Marketers at PayDotCom in a way that
I cannot do without having my own product.

I can also market other products on my ThankYou
page, which will get more traffic as my affiliates
make sales for me too.

Do you think I will be able to promote my future
products to affiliates that are already making fungolas
selling this product? I do too!

My next projects will be reworkings of things I already
have in place, but I will also be launching some new
and totally original products in the near future in ways
that you can do as easily as I.

I'll be sharing the methods here as these progress.

Floyd Bogart

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