Saturday, June 28, 2008

2008 Presidential Campaign - I Was Promised Flying Cars!

2008 Presidential Campaign - I Was Promised Flying Cars!

This is a bit off topic, but my social conscience is
prodding me a bit here. Particularly in light of
the ongoing 2008 Presidential Campaigns.

Not to worry, you won't catch me stumping for
either of these candidates. The recent rash of
interesting posts from blogs that I subscribe to
give ample reason to have absolutely no basis
for faith in any candidate that either party could,
or would put forth.

Stay with me here, as this will take a bit to explain
my point. (And yes I have one...)

I grew up wide eyed and innocent in small town
Illinois buying whole hog into the idea that anything
is possible in this country. Do you remember being
young enough to believe that you could fly?

With that kind of start to life, flying cars seemed the
least of what was possible. The sky was indeed the
limit, if not the Sun and the stars!

Of course, life continues and we grow up. The dream
goes out of life here in the US of A, and our ability
to hold onto vestiges of youthful exhuberance ebbs.

But now and then...

Just occasionally...

We dare to hope, and to dream again that it is possible
to overcome the muck we are mired in and to soar.
Something comes along and nurtures that original
spark that had been just about extinguished forever.

Lately that spark has been the ingenuity with which
the great minds of the day are addressing what is so
obviously a global crisis brought about by an economy
so overly based upon fossil fuels.

One of my favorite sites these days is InHabitat.
This amazing blog constantly amazes me as it shows
what can and is being pursued to make the planet a
cleaner, safer... an infinitely better place for all of us
to live. You owe it to your inner child to go and just
absorb it all. Truly amazing stuff!

But I digress.

Today a Digg friend sent me a shout with a news
item that showed not just ingenuity, but determination
and a resolve to not just brainstorm but to apply what
is so clearly possible. Not in fifty years, or even twenty,
but in seven.

Mercedes Benz has committed to cutting petroleum
fuel sources out of their line of vehicles by 2015.

Reading this report can't help but make your whole
being just radiate with possibilities. And then...

The very next Digg shout I get is THIS.

That's right. The same government that wants to
approve drilling for oil anywhere and everywhere
regardless of the fact that it will take about 10 years
to have a negligible effect on fuel prices, is too worried
about environmental repercussions to allow Solar
Power Plants to be built.

These same plants could supply 10% of US homes
with clean, cheap and completely renewable

So, let's be clear. There is a loud cry to get quicker
and less stringently regulated Oil and Natural Gas
drilling approvals, but we need to be really careful
about moving ahead with Solar?

At this point, many of you are shaking your heads
and saying one of two things.

1. Hey! John McCain is offering a $300M bounty
for a Car Battery! He is really serious about these

2. Obama is definitely the way to go so that we can
get away from this administrations ties to Big Oil!

And yes, I am aware that there are many more points
that each camp would like to make on this subject.
Unfortunately, it all amounts to a lot of finger pointing
at the other side, with exclamations of "They're Worse!"

Any impartial observer cannot help but notice that
the important questions are going not just unanswered,
but not even asked.

Eisenhower famously warned about the dangers of the
Industrial Military Complex. Not even he could have
predicted a time when things had gone so far that even
the much touted "Free Press" would have long since
been bought out by them.

It is also painfully obvious that the revolution of ideas,
innovation and design that is so alive in other parts of
the globe, will have to get along without the "Land of
the Free".

We are too busy being fleeced by those that are afraid
that their might still be some advantage left in squeezing
the last depreciating dollar from the middle and lower
classes. Or perhaps they are just making sure they have
completely extinguished once and for all, any glimmer
of that belief that we began with...

So while the politicians on all sides battle over
semantics, and peddle fear as a means to power...

While intelligence, rational thought and any real desire
to make a difference for the better are punished brutally
in this country...

While Keith Olbermann, Bill O'Reilly, Al Franken and
Ann Coulter rip one another's flesh over anything they
can while adding nothing of any value to the debate...

We may one day get our "Flying Cars".

Like the 150 MPG Automobile however, it will evidently
have to come from Hungary.

Eat a peach!

Floyd Bogart


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