Monday, June 09, 2008

Recommended Reading For Social Marketers

Recommended Reading For Social Marketers

The one constant in the world today is change.
Whether you are talking about our offline lives
or the worldwide web, nothing stays the same
very long at all.

In harmony with this, we are all having to find
new approaches to old challenges, and new business
models to replace old ones. Someone to watch
closely is Scott Boulch. I have been reading a
few of his ebooks today, and am totally blown away.

I will post links to a few hear in a minute, but
first want you to note something different about
these offerings. The links I post will be my own
affiliate links, but you will be able to download
the ebooks totally free of charge.

True, you will have to opt-in and sign in via a
username and password but neither Scott nor anyone
else will be trying to sell or upsell you when you
read the books...

So why is an affiliate link needed? Well Scott will
pay fifty cents for each ebook downladed. So once
you sign in, get your affiliate link and post it on
your blog, send it out to your list or just put it
into your forum sig files. It is the easiest $.50
you will make today. Lol

Now let's talk about the ebooks:

The Internet Marketing Cure - This is the first one
I read, and should be yours too. This will start you
off well to a different viewpoint toward your IM
business. Scott makes the bulk of his income from
non-IM niches, so what he has to say has much
more value than most of what it out there.

The Death Of Adsense - You've probably read a
dozen or more reports and ebooks that started with
"The Death Of" whatever. This is the ebook that
started it all. It is also an amazing book, that teaches
you more about marketing than any other book I've
read in the past year. In the backroom of this site
you will also get "Life After Adsense" plus a couple
of bonuses. As with The Internet Marketing Cure,
you will not have anything pitched to you...

The Quick And The Dead - Tens of thousands of
marketers paid a lot of good money for just a portion
of the information found in this ebook. Even if you
were not one of them, you will know which products
I am referring to once you read this ebook. And please
note that they don't give you all of what is here. Which
is probably a weak attempt to keep it from being too
obvious that they were essentially plagiarizing Scott
Boulch with their products.

While you are at it, you might as well go and grab
Scott's VIral TellAFriend Script HERE

I'll let you go now, as you've got a
lot of reading to catch up on...

Eat a peach!

Floyd Bogart

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