Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A HodgePodge Of Social Marketing Apps And Functionality

A HodgePodge Of Social Marketing Apps And Functionality

It is definitely one of the joys of working online
when you come across something that makes a
task easier, or gives you an alternative method
of promotion that is not only easy but just plain

1. Yesterday while doing a bit of Digg-work,
there appeared before me an unassuming Tab
that said "Blog It". Okay so it ain't the Holy Grail
of Social site promotion, but it really makes it
easy to post something from Digg to several
different blogging platforms. I went back and
blogged a Squidoo Lens of mine that I wanted to
say a few things about here anyway. This made
the post almost effortless. Use this, it's quite

2. Speaking of Squidoo. Each and every time
you update one of your lenses, be sure to use the
"Tweet This" link in the green box that appears
for a few seconds right after you hit the "Publish"
button. This will post a Twitter update letting
your friends know that you have updated your
lens. Microblogging is an important part of you
Social Marketing tasks that this can simplify

3. This one is pretty well known, but for those
that have not run across it, OnlyWire is a great
Social Bookmarking service because it posts your
bookmark to over 20 different Social Bookmarking

4. RSS becomes more important every day as a
means of both promoting your own site and also
to stay abreast of what your favorite bloggers are
posting, and giving you an opportunity to go and
get those all important Trackback Links. Grab
your 2008 Authority Blackbook at the top of the
sidebar for an explanation of how and why these
are important. Been relying more and more heavily
on my Google Reader for this lately, and find that
a web based RSS Reader just works better for me
than than anything else I have tried.

5. RSS Announcer. This is a handy little tool that
you can have on me. Run this every time you post
to your blog, or update any page you publish a feed
for. It will get you subscribers just about every time.

That's all for now.

Hope you enjoy these and use them too...

Eat a peach!

Floyd Bogart
Are You Leveraging Your Promotinal Efforts Or Are Your Wasting Them?

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