Monday, June 23, 2008

New Tool - PayPal Payment Buttons For Your Videos

New Tool - PayPal Payment Buttons For Your Videos

If you are only using your marketing videos to promote your products and services then you could be losing out on the opportunity to allow your customers to make a purchase.

If you are not using payment buttons on your videos, you should be. This will take your video advertising to a whole new level. Allowing your customers to make a buying decision while they are watching your marketing videos is by far the best solution.

Most people are only using video as a promotional tool, but what if your customers could click on a "buy now" button while watching your video presentation?

Do you think this would help to increase your sales?

The only way to compete in this new video advertising age is to allow your customers to interact with your video presentations. There are a lot of different video branding products on the market today that allow you to place text links on your video screens and that's great, but you can't use these products to place payment buttons on your video.

Video Direct Pay 2.0 is the revolutionary new software that allows you to do just that. With this incredible new software you can place a "more details" button and a "buy now" anywhere on your marketing videos.

Video Direct Pay 2.0 was created by Kevin Burns, the Creative Director of Unselfish Marketer's Co. Ltd.. Kevin is a qualified software developer who has created a new product that will change the way we do business online.

If you are ready to start placing payment buttons on your videos, just click HERE.

Eat a peach!

Floyd Bogart

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