Thursday, June 19, 2008

YouTube Annotations Perfect For Social Marketing

YouTube Annotations Perfect For Social Marketing

Was going through my RSS feeds on my Google
reader last night and noticed some folks busting
YouTubes chops about how they do business,
and noticed a few notes about the new things
you can do to the vids you upload.

Now as my readers know, I am as technically
challenged as they come, so this was going to
have to be really simple to be of absolutely any
use to me at all...

Shoooooot! I had no problem at all.

Go to your YouTube account and take a look
at any of your videos own pages. There just
below your info is a frame marked:

"Edit Video Annotations"

Click on that and you are there! Take a look
at the simple interface. Not much to learn,
but the impact of what you can do here should
not be lost on you for marketing purposes.

You can add a "Speech Bubble" (much like
cartoon bubbles) a Note, or a "Spotlight".
And you can place them, size them and pick
the time you want it to show any or all of these.

I put a simple note on this newsclip that a
friend sent me to promote a Squidoo Lens
of mine:

Notice that there is no Annotation showing
here. The only place the Annotation will show
up is at the videos specific YouTube page. Not
in an embedded page, and not on as the main
video on your YouTube profile page.

You can see the Annotation for this video HERE

It is set to show the whole time the video
plays, but I could choose to post a running
commentary on whatever videos I have uploaded.

Or put up "Speech Bubbles" to carry on an
imaginary conversation between people on
a video. The important part is to use your
imagination and make the videos work for
you to direct traffic, create interaction,
or just create more buzz.

Werner Roi created a great vid about using
Annotations. Watch it HERE

Also noticed a useful feature allowing users
to leave a "Video Comment" to another video.
This function will let your video be either
shown below that video as a link letting the
viewer choose to watch the next related video,
or become a part of a chain of related vids.

Think you could get some more views of
your own videos by linking to related vids
this way? I know I could!

Leave some comments with your own
ideas for using these features...

Eat a peach!

Floyd Bogart

Free Floating Buttons, Forms, Squeeze Pages and Ads.
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