Monday, June 16, 2008

Genepax - Water Powered Fuel Cell Vehicle

Genepax - Water Powered Fuel Cell Vehicle

The Japanese company Genepax has unveiled a vehicle powered by water.Check this out.

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This appears to be off topic for this blog,
except for one thing:

This is the Digg for a Squidoo Lens that I
put up on Friday June 13th. Well, I tried
a few new things publishing this Lens and
here are the results:

900 Visitors in the first 24 hours with 1,655
total as of this moment. It is ranked #8 in
the Cars & Trucks category with an overall
rank of 352. It has maintained a clickthru
rate of just over 30%.

It has ranked on the first page of Google for
over 10 keywords. Some are slipping now, so
I will have to do a little poking and prodding
to get them back up.

Some online marketing partners have asked me
to put together an ebook on this to sell to
their list exclusively, which is almost done.

If you want this information gratis, I will
be sharing it with my newsletter which you
can get by subscribing at the top of the
right hand sidebar. Do it now and also grab
a copy of Jack Humphrey's Authority Blackbook.

Eat a peach!

Floyd Bogart

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