Thursday, June 12, 2008

Copywriting and My Story Marketing - A Social Marketing Necessity

Copywriting and My Story Marketing - A Social Marketing Necessity

My own first attempts at writing copy for online
publication were stunted and disjointed efforts
that were difficult for even me to read.

I had friends and family take a look at my work,
and while they were all polite, it was obvious that
they found it barely readable too.

After a while I started noticing that the articles,
posts and emails that I actually finished all came
from the same people. Not exactly an earth shaking
revelation, but it did mark the beginning of my own
copywriting education. I was pretty green about
this particular area so my next lessons were a lot
harder to come by.

Fortunately the next lesson was the single most
important one that any Social Marketing Copywriter
can make. I was "introduced" to the Greatest
Copywriter of all time.

Gary Halbert

Gary was born 70 years ago today, and died just
about a year ago. His career spanned decades, and
his work is legendary in copywriting circles. He is
credited with writing the single most successful
salesletter of all time.

But his career was not all beer and skittles. His
life contained quite a setbacks too, but I am not
going to tell you about those, because Gary already
has. His work is readily available and contains the
highs and the lows that he experienced.

Possibly his most famous series is the Boron Letters
which he wrote to his son, from prison.

Check out all of his work that you can at:

He may not have been the first, but he was the
undisputed master of the single most important
type of copywriting that you will ever engage in.

This is what changed my own writing from just
words on a page, to something that could get a
readers attention and sometimes even motivate
them to action.

What I refer to is of course, My Story Marketing.

My Story Marketing is the moniker given to
copywriting that doesn't just convey the information
that you want your readers to have, but relates
your own personal journey as it pertains to that

Take a look at the salesletters and emails that have
been the most effective in getting you to take action.
You will find that a high percentage are of this type.

How can I know this? It is simply human nature.
We all like to feel connected to those that we do
business with. Why do you think Social Marketing
is so important? Amidst all of the Diggs, Twitts and
whatnot we get more than a glimpse of what makes
our Social Marketing connections who they are.

As time has passed and I have studied The Gary
Halbert Letters, at least some of what he advocates
(in sometimes colorful language) has rubbed off on
my work. When I recognize it in something I have
written, it makes me stop and smile, knowing that
the work will be more effective for it.

Is it necessary for us to call our readers "Shitweasels"
and punctuate a foolish assumption with "Bullshit!"
the way that Gary does? No, but letting our own
personality shine through consistently will only
benefit the quality of our copywriting.

What better way to do this than to share personal
experiences from our own lives? It makes us real
and therefore infinitely more accessible to our readers
prospects and clients.

I was talking yesterday with a woman from Texas
that I have done business with for over three years
now, and have come to know fairly well. She is in
the online advertizing business and is quite successful
at it.

While we were talking she told me about several very
difficult periods of her life. Now understand that she
is very good at what she does professionally, and some
of her products I cannot get anywhere else that I am
aware of. Still, while we have never met I do feel
connected to her in a way that would make me
uncomfortable taking my business elsewhere.

Was she manipulating me by sharing these things
with me? Of course not! But by exposing her self
in this way, she has cemented an already strong
relationship as she could have no other way.

Let me be clear, that I am not telling you to just
wholesale dump all of your life's baggage on each
and every one of your clients every time you talk
to them. You should not hesitate to inject your
own humanity into your business life, however.
Particularly when you can make it pertinent to
whatever it is that your are writing about.

My Story Marketing is about exactly that.

Letting your readers know that you are just like
them, and therefore can understand their needs
in a way that can allow you to direct them to just
the solution to a problem that they have.

Gary Halbert did that for me. He shared himself
through his writing in a way that made it possible
for me to do the same with you...

Eat peach!

Floyd Bogart

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Diamond Sun Travels (800)961-1946 said...

Thanks for enlightening us on Gary's story.

Floyd Bogart said...

If anyone doubts the influence and importance of Gary Halbert's work, just take note of the Alexa Rank for

Remember that this is a site with nothing for sale, no interaction and is a repository of sales letters written by a deceased individual.

Whenever you enter into a serious discussion about Copywriting, Gary's name will come up. His legacy as the greatest Copywriter of all time is nothing if not secure...