Tuesday, June 03, 2008

How Social Marketing Helps When Both Of Your Notebooks Crash

How Social Marketing Helps When Both Of Your Notebooks Crash

You may wonder how that could possibly be...

How could Social Marketing help when both of
your notebook computers crash?

Well, it helps when you spend a couple of days
rebuilding your files, downloading all of your
software again, and you finally take the time to
look at your blog and find that your Alexa ranking
has improved by almost a hundred thousand sites.

The real beauty of Social Marketing, Networking and
the whole Web 2.0 thing is the way that it builds
your traffic even while you are busy doing other
things. Your sites keep getting traffic, and your
readers are posting comments, and sales are made...

So it helps your peace of mind more than anything
else, but that is sooooo important when you are
dealing with malfunctioning equipment.

So while I sort through fifteen hundred emails and
deal with assorted tasks dealing with my sites with-
out benefit of most of my files, new people found
my blogs, sites and lenses. Regular readers kept
on visiting and posting. And my own little corner
of the internet continued to grow.

There is no shortcut to this, it is all just a matter
of doing the assorted tasks, and interacting with your
community and you become a part of the stream in your

And it feels great...

Eat a peach!

Floyd Bogart

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ShirleyJohn said...

It is a great thing when you know that you have set things up properly and they can work even when your not able to. I just wish we had other things that would do that.

Diane said...

A daunting task to recover from a computer crash. Systems in place always seem to help during these down times. Best of luck with the restoration.