Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Social Marketing Dilemma - Do PLR Programs Still Fit Your Business?

A Social Marketing Dilemma - Do PLR Programs Still Fit Your Business?

Many of us have hard drives chock full of
PLR websites, ebooks, software and articles.
At last check there was about 30 gigs of the
stuff on mine.

If you read my last post on Scott Boulch, you
probably can guess that most of my business
is now in niches other than IM, so the question
posed by the title of this post is not just academic.

Are PLR programs of any value to my Social
Marketing business?

The answer is a resounding yes, but not for the
usual reasons. I have definitely cut way back
on my PLR memberships, and keep the last
ones for reasons other than to turn around and
sell them as my own products.

There are four reasons that I keep a few of my
PLR memberships active.

1. The first is for content.

Frequently the PLR terms allow for you to tear
the items apart for your own use, but it is important
to make sure of the specifics as to what rights you
have for each product. Often times a few products
within a program will have entirely different rights
associated with them than the rest of the items in
the portfolio.

One program that I keep for just this purpose is
Gabor Olah's PLR Wholesaler.

The products are outstanding, and most can be
used any way you wish. Gabor has set this up
as a Butterfly Marketing type program. This
makes for easy navigation in the backroom, and
as an added bonus he doesn't fill your inbox up
as badly as some do. He offers both free and
premium plans so it is worth the effort to try
it out at least as a free member.

2. Self Education

Another valid reason for keeping PLR memberships
active is the educational value of the products. If
you are like me, you have dozens of products that
you own full PLR rights to that you haven't read
yet. Perhaps you are even selling some of them
as your own products already...

Tell the truth now. Do you know all you should
about marketing through YouTube, CraigsList
or Social Bookmarking sites?

And yet, many of us will turn around and buy a
product through a forum sig file when we haven't
even read all that we already own on that topic!
Your PLR Memberships are a fantastic Social
Marketing Library.

3. Funding

One of the PLR Memberships that I keep active
is for a combination of the above reasons, but with
one more added in. The pay plan is unique in a way
that allows me to use it as a funnel and a training
mechanism for home business opportunities in
other niches., such as health or travel.

EZ Wealth Solutions' pay plan is a combination
of a "One-Up" and "Two-Up" compensation plan
that allows people to get in for $10 and work up
through five levels to a point where they can earn
$997 per sale.

There are over 700 total products between the
five levels containing a wealth of information.
Many of these products are from niches other
than the IM or Work at Home arenas.

Some of the products that I promote have price
tags upwards of $10k, so a feeder program like
this can be quite useful in assisting prospects that
have a sincere interest in a product but lack funds.

4. Repurposing

You may also want to tear these products apart or
combine them into your own semi-unique products.
Repurposing is an excellent way to utilize these and
thus avoid duplicate content problems.

You may need good PDF creation software like
eWriter Pro that allows you to make ebooks with
clickable links. This is a good low budget solution
that is quite accessible for even the worst technophobe.

Web 2.0 has changed everything about marketing
online. This makes it important to stop and rethink
everything that we doto be sure that we are getting
the most we can from each and every tool at our

So don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.
Stop and rethink your PLR memberships to see if
they may be useful to you in one of these four ways.

Eat a peach!

Floyd Bogart

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Richard Day said...

Hey! Yes, they fit my business.

If you have something of percieved value, you can use it to build my list.

Building your list will allow you to market to those people who double opt in.

After you have them on your list, you can then see if they will purchase something from you.

Niche Content Blogging said...

PLR will definitely if you're discriminating about where you get your content and commit to using it correctly.