Sunday, June 29, 2008

Squidoo: 24 Lenses in 24 Hours

Squidoo: 24 Lenses in 24 Hours

Found myself getting into a rut, and a lazy rut
at that! So I looked around for some kind of
challenge to peak my interest, and what did I

We were just a couple of days away from the
deadline for Giant Squid application!

And what the blazes is a Giant Squid?

Well even if you aren't using it, if you are reading
this you've at least heard of Squidoo. Seth Godin's
brainchild, and hugely useful for generating traffic,
sales and cash. If you are unfamiliar check it out

Anyway, a Giant Squid is a lensmaster (the pages
you create on Squidoo are called lenses) that has
at least 50 lenses of good quality and gets selected
by Squidoo's appointed folks for that designation.

Selection only happens once a quarter, and so this
Monday (okay tomorrow!) is the next deadline for
application. This motivated me!

So I set out as a first step to get within shouting
of that benchmark of 50 lenses. Unfortunately
I only had 23 or so good lenses published.


Okay so since I got this urge on Friday AM it looked
like I finally found something to get me of my butt!

So, I challenged myself to produce:

24 Lenses in 24 Hours
(Click Here To See Them)

Now I have to admit that I set out on this without
really doing the math on what it would take to do it.
I started at 1:30 in the afternoon (EST) and set out
to finish by the same time Saturday.

The first 5 seemed to take forever, but were really
done in just over 2 hours, so I was encouraged...

I finally called it quits and went to bed around 2:30AM.
Slept in a bit, but knew I had it licked as I only needed
7 more to accomplish my goal.

Funny thing is, I still need 7 more to get to 50, but I
know I can knock those out tonight, and get my app
in tomorrow AM.

In the past my lenses have done pretty well traffic
and rating wise, but lately they have really taken
off. Mostly because of the info I shared in Lens #8
of my 24, titled Google Gadgets.

Well, better get back at it if I am going to get to 50
tonight. Just thought I'd let you know what had
me pumped again...

Eat a peach!

Floyd Bogart

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Dan said...

Squidoo is great. I found it useful in driving traffic to my website as well. Have a good luck with your lenses.